After watching the Chiefs upset the 49ers, does this change how you feel about what the Lions need to win a Super Bowl?

OK, discuss.

We need Chris Jones. That became apparent.


Discussion ended here after this comment as it is sums it up.

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We need several Lions on mainstream commercials nonstop and Taylor Swift banging either LaPorta or St. Brown. Maybe both. That should do it :wink:


Another draft class, a few FA’s who fit the budget (2nd tier) hopefully a OL and a corner. Bring back Duece and mosley (maybe).

I saw that an Dline with 2 impact guys will be able to keep QBs in the pocket and having one or two good corners works with that DL to be a real asspain to deal with.

Regardless, our offense is better than either of those teams, so.

1 premium DL, one #1 CB.

Then fill holes.

Game over for the other 31 teams.

Did you all not see that?


The Lions are so close.
We got next.

The 2023 Lions were good enough to win the Superbowl. I think we would have handled the Chiefs as they did not play their A game.

We have a very young team. A number of players will step it up this year just by progressing from year 1 to 2, 2-3.

We can keep our current team together and upgrade at a few key places.

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Thats it!

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the lions had everything they needed to win that game.

they absolutely ‘same old lions’d’ it. they couldn’t get their ineptitude out of the way.

maybe they’ll learn from it.

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Nope, reinforced the belief that the Lions could have won this year. One more year of additions via draft and FA by Holmes and Lions should be one of the favorites to win the SB.

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Am I the only one who never understood KC being the dogs in this one to begin with? SF the favorites? Sure, okay.


Interesting article at overthecap here, covering the spending trends of Super Bowl teams.

Interestingly, the average Super Bowl team underspends the rest of the league most at CB and DT. They do overspend the league at DE though.

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It’s now clear to me….the Lions need to win enough games during the regular season to make the playoffs and then end the post season with a win. That’s the formula.


Great defenses are the thing of the past. You need offensive line and more weapons. If defenses can get critical stops and more possessions to your offense, this is a good thing or success

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Yep–said it in the game thread last night. That’s what this team needs to win it all.

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The title is a little of , how does the Chiefs upset the 49ers Lol. If the 49ers won then it would be a upset.

Yep KC didn’t upset anyone they did what they do,.

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Nothing that an Edge and 2 CB’s can’t fix.

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Thats about to change for KC the one top CB is a FA an he will sign a big deal to keep an the second CB is on last year of his rookie deal an he will want likely even more in 2025 that Sneed this year. Numbers can be confusing depending on contract years.