AG on the defense

Really, you’re going with “honorable mention” OK I’m done, this obviously is much higher accreditation than First team All ACC, Second team All American, and highest PFF score since 2014 for his position.


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Y’all are both right, he’s a stud at both spots.

McNeil taking that next step would be TREMENDOUS for our Defense

He’s my pick for breakout player of year


Most college awards go to upperclassmen….
not sure why this is a revelation.

He wasn’t going to win awards when he didn’t play as
many snaps… yet he had MORE production with less snaps!!!

His TAPE was what I mentioned from the start.

He was far more explosive at the lighter weight.
He also struggled to show much explosiveness last year playing near 350 pounds. I am thrilled that he has lost weight and dedicated himself to being a leaner and more flexible player.

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Ok I was going to stop but your condescension here is a little tough to swallow. So is your belief that you know more than the people who are grading. If he wasn’t going to win any awards why then did he get “Honorable Mention”? Who was ahead of him, I’ll bet large you don’t know.


First Team: Marvin Wilson, Florida State

Before he was shut down for the season, Wilson led the nation’s interior defensive linemen in total QB pressures, finishing the year as the highest-graded interior lineman in the conference. He racked up 26 pressures, good enough to still rank fifth despite playing in just nine games. In total, Wilson grabbed five sacks, six QB hits and 15 more hurries but affected the passing game in more ways than that, breaking up a conference-best four passes at the line of scrimmage. With 20 stops against the run on just 218 run-defense snaps, his process against the run also is nothing to dismiss, but his pass-rushing is where he was most dominant in 2019.

Second Team: Jalen Twyman, Pittsburgh
Third Team: Eli Hanback, Virginia
Honorable Mention: Alim McNeill, NC State

Wilson only played 9 games and it wasn’t his seniority that got him First Team. What about Jaylen Twyman??? You mean 41 tackles and 10.5 sacks Jaylen? Uh oh, we’re down to just Eli. Tell you what, go ahead and make your case that Eli shouldn’t have been 3rd team and Alim was robbed.

Now, I am done. It would be a “revelation” if you didn’t.

Marvin played only 9 games???

Alim played 10 games… and didn’t start full time.

I didn’t make the argument that he SHOULD have been all-conference…. but did point out Alim’s production was superior playing at a lighter weight.

But if we look at those 2019 all-conference guys…
Alim got to the QB just as well… at that lighter weight!




College awards…. a prediction of NFL success???


He did win a playoff game!

may tim tebow GIF

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