Agnews muffed punt

Does Agnew have a history of dropping punts? I ask because im not sure. If not why is everyone wanting to replace him over 1 lost punt?

I believe he has, not sure when though. I think Ty Johnson should get a crack at it as long has he can catch. That speed is dangerous

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You do know that Agnew could very well be faster than Ty?!?

He has been shaky before, but this year has been another animal. He has been dropping them all training camp and all preseason. I think the hope was that Agnew would step it up when the lights went on, some guys overthink in practice and play on instinct during the game. Its clear, Agnew’s security issues are carrying over into games.

Id look at replacing him, ASAP. Fact is, your ONLY job as a PR is to catch the ball. Thats it. It is NOT to return. Its to receive. A return is considered a bonus. Its something you take if the opportunity is there. Agnew is trying to house every kick, and its costing him and the team. Id be making it abundantly clear, his leash is damn near cut.

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I would like to see Ty return some with the speed he has. I think Agnew will be motivated after the backlash from the Arizona game. Im interested to see what would happen.

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I didnt watch an of the pre season game. I just moved to VA and they dont show them here. I did not know that he was dropping them.

Dam and i really liked Him.

I think he dropped one in a preseason game, Im mostly going on the reporters during the joint practices and training camp. The reporters have been saying for awhile that Agnew has been very shaky on securing punts and was putting too many on the ground.

Agnew was dropping punts in TC, don know if he still is, but if so we’ll see a different guy out there on Sunday. It won’t be for just one drop, but you can’t go with a guy who gives up turnovers after you got a defensive stop.

I agree. Who do we put i replace of him? Ty or amendola?

I honestly dont know how good Ty’s hands have been on punts, but Id start there.

  1. Amendola is a wiley vet, maybe if it was a huge moment in the game Id prefer Danny. Kinda like how Tate would spot at PR in a huge moment. HOWEVER, I do not want to risk my QB’s preferred outlet on punt returns. PR’s guys get teed off on all the time. I wouldnt risk a major offensive game plan on a PR, when I have a 3rd string RB on the bench who can handle it.

Edit: Just peeked. Amendola played 6x the snaps that Ty did on offense. Thats why I wouldnt risk him. If Amendola gets hurt, I have to figure out whose the new slot WR. If Johnson gets hurt, I have to replace about 20 snaps and I can find guys to cover that.

  1. Ty’s speed advantage means he has a much higher probability of flipping field position back to the offense.
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Um, no! Slay was the fastest guy on the team and has conceded that to Ty.
As for Agnew, not going to shoot the guy over one mistake. Remember, this is basically the second half of his rookie season.

What part of VA? I just moved to Virginia Beach.

I live in Chesapeake. The western branch area. I moved here about a month and a half ago. How long ago did you move to Virginia beach?

The 2019 roster, on the other hand, boasts some serious wheels from almost everyone involved. While there have been some injuries, this isn’t the same type of story we had become accustomed to. Jamal Agnew was the fastest player on the team before his injury last season, only just beating Darius Slay, and both are back and working this year along with fifth-round rookie Amani Oruwariye. Mike Ford returns in his second season, with Marcus Cooper and Andre Chachere fighting for a role. The Lions signed Justin Coleman as well, and all of the guys mentioned bring speed as a positive trait.

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Also, what kind of a guitar is that in your avatar, 335?

About a month and a half ago.:rofl:

I grew up further west in the state (Danville), but went to college at MSU and spent years in Michigan post graduation before moving to Louisiana and then South Carolina. In high school when we would play teams in the Chesapeake/Virginia Beach area, it was the only time I was a little jealous of the area those kids lived. We played some rich kids in the northern part of the state and beyond (like Potomac), but the Chesapeake/VB area spoke to me. When I had a chance to make the leap to the area, I jumped at the chance.

I believe his first ever return for a TD was on a near muff, if I remember correctly he grabbed it at shoestring level and took it back.

I agree. I havent been here long and already love it hear. Its a lot different from my liuttle town in MI but its pretty great down here already.

It’s an Epiphone Dot Deluxe. Flamed maple top, Grover tuners, and Gibson 57 Classic pickups. They only made it for 2 or 3 years.