AI ability now live on The Den

Hey guys,

I’ve enabled AI composer help (which should help clean up your posts) and a toxicity detector to help the moderators sift through and identify when you’re being naughty. Still cleaning up bugs, so if you encounter anything, I’m probably working through it.

You’ve been warned.

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I’ve noticed I cant quote a sentence on my mobile but I can on my laptop. I can quote an entire post on mobile but not a single sentence

Well, then stop taking things out of context and twisting things to mean what you like! :rofl:

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You hear that ChiefsPlanet? We have freaking AI on our side!

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AI for AI only makes the whole world blind.

– GandhiT-3000


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Works fine

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My quote function seems to work on mobile. But there’s no poll option that I can find anymore

Thank you for adding AI. Which button is the “killer crossover” function? I want to use it ALOT.

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Cause nukes aren’t dangerous enough for human haters.

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I will resist until AI pries the keyboard from my cold dead hands.


I hope it can audibly read my posts back to me in the voice and language of Deion Sanders.
That will immediately boost my gravitas.

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Jman isn’t gonna like that!:laughing:

Polling becomes obsolete because everyone will sound and think the same, comrade.


are you guys trolling me?

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Where do I find that function? It used to come up for me as a posting option