AI auto-tagging

So … I rolled out AI auto-tagging today.

The short of it is that you shouldn’t have to tag things yourselves, instead, the system will dictate that based on a semantic understanding of the entire thread (and update over the course of time to be accurate).

This is basically a STEP toward making sure each fan has their own little corner of this site, and can customize their homepage to see what they want (i.e. Lions, or Lions+Tigers, Lions+Tigers+Redwings).

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Is this the same thing telling me what I’m reading about directly under the name of the post telling me exactly what I’m reading about when I click on it?

The AI overviews are both informative and hilarious.

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You’re awfully good at Godfathering, bro! Appreciate you!

Ha, yes. But they should no longer surface.

This seems to be working well.

Wonder if you guys can see the vision yet … :eyes:

AI auto tagging?! What the what? Next thing you know we will have marks on our foreheads and right hands. Thanks Nate, you just ushered in the anti-christ and harkened the end of time. If all the good people disappear before the Lions win a championship, I’m blaming you.

We just paid Goff. Can’t have him rapturing before hoisting the Lombardi

Just feedback (not complaining)…

Is there a way to dial up the threshold for the algorithm to tag a post?

Now, any passing mention of a team or city seems like it will tag the post for that team or city.

I understand that may not be an option, just making sure you have the data to consider.

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Yeah, I’m tweaking it.

Excellent. Much better, MUCH appreciated!!

I for one welcome are new AI overlords.

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LOL - yup - Gonna help when other fans start rolling in. Godfather is one smart (& handsome) MF’r!

I think it’s broken because I keep getting directed to midget porn.

weird funny face GIF by Desiigner

Naturi Naughton Lol GIF by Power

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That’s only because advertisers have paid for your personal information and know what you’re interested in/what you’ve looked at online before.

Interested Ooo GIF by reactionseditor

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Oompa Loompa GIF

In your spare time…:wink:

Is it possible to tone down the team tags a bit. When you’re looking at threads, those POP so much they take away from the titles, but that may just be me…

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I don’t think that’s right because I haven’t
been directed to any midget porn.


I like the team tags myself… if I see Falcons or Dolphins for example tagged I usually avoid the thread or at least know in advance what I might be reading.

@Nate is doing a great job.

Now how can I tag Sewell and or Dannie in the title. That would be next level. :laughing::laughing:

The following thread is mostly Chris Farley gifs… where do I click for that? @socko

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