Aidan Hutchinson not the only one getting held on a regular basis, the lament of Micah Parsons

Hutch says:

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Has to be a mandate. there’s no other reason.

which means NFL ‘rules’ are flexible because there isn’t any wiggle room in how the rule is read.


Fans want to see a lot of scoring. Goodell &Co are just helping out. Even if an Oline player does have to tackle a DE from behind, or wrap their arm around his neck once in awhile. :disguised_face:

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Refs requirements is to need cataract surgery but postpone it until they retire.

It is an unwritten rule but enforced for all hires and rehires.

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It’s clear the NFL is trying to protect it’s QBs. The more they get hit, the higher the chance they get injured.

Premier pass rusher pandemic:

I seriously believe the league said stop calling them.

Scoring is down with so many teams playing two high and the league wants points


Maybe a little but not that much

I think @Luke hit it on the head

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Agreed. And you can’t blame the O-line. They will do whatever they can get away with.

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I don’t know but that’s 4 straight years of decline.

Crowds often impact offenses for the away team… 2020 was played with lots of empty stadiums- covid

Interesting take given 2019 was about the levels of 2021

Where Has All the Offense Gone This NFL Season?.

Don’t know if the data has changed much but was the lowest average point total in 13 years the last two years.

just my opinion, but when KC and LA started the fireworks with their 54-51 primetime show down, it’s expedited the WR, jet sweeps, double reverse, 4 WR sets, shotgun looks… as almost a standard migration of NFL offenses…

Then defenses had to quickly react with 230 linebackers who can fly, and teams playing a 4-2-5 as the most popular base defense alignment in the league in 2023…

Defenses are finally staffed and aligned to stop a spread passing attack… there was a window when a SS couldn’t run with a slot WR, or a LB couldn’t stay with a TE, and thus the offense popped. Now offenses are literally throwing into the teeth of every defense…

That is why teams who pound the ball are having so much success on the ground. Teams are looking to get pressure from their front 4… given they have 2 coverage backers and 5 DBs out there… in order to do so they have looked for penetration traits at DT, but run stuffing monster… Those guys get washed out (Ed Oliver) much easier by 12 personnel run players…

I was excited about us going against the trend and getting big uglies and running hard and often at tiny fast defenses… Suddenly we pivoted to 170 pound WR, and 195 pound RB in round 1 the last 2 years, and now we are trying to run plays that defenses are designed to stop…

I would stop worrying about getting Jamo looks and try to run for 200 yards each week with an inline TE… ONLY once that is being stopped would I adjust… why? In order to stop it, defenses will need to adjust, and that adjustment will open up the outside.

Simply calling different plays without manipulating defenses is resulting in what we see right now

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Points jumped in 2018 when Matt Patricia took over the Lions. It peaked in 2020 when Patricia’s defense gave up 32.5 points per game. Scoring dropped after Patricia moved to the offensive side of the ball.

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LOL…THat’s funny

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