Aiden O’Connell in the later rounds

Was reading that the Lions have met with him three times now. He has a similar skill set to Goff and definitely fits the mold of QBs Holmes has drafted in the past, tall accurate rhythm passers

He’s projected to be a third to sixth round pick. I haven’t watched much of the kid. Anyone have a strong opinion?

When Aiden gets hot he turns into CJ Stroud in terms of precision. He’s not as consistent though.


He’s one of my favorite back up options for sure.


I really hope our QB targets are not in the mold of our current starter. But if he’s a late day 3 pick, I’m good with that. Means the expectations are backup, not future starter.


Right as a backup with potential upside I’m all for it. It would be nice to get specific styles, but it’s more important to just grab the best players no matter what kind of player they are IMO.


Agreed. But if he has potential to be a 3rd rounder, I am not interested.

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He will be 25 this year so it’s hard to imagine he would be a long term solution. But having just watched some highlight tapes, he does throw a nice ball and has good vision

Yep. 6th rounder, sign me up.


Ben Johnson addressed this, QB targets being a change of pace or different than the starter, he doesn’t care about that.
He cares about two things:
Third down completion percentage
Two minute drill.

A change of pace or different mold doesn’t matter to him.


Someone above said he is Goff like. That is not a turn on for me :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’d be shocked if he went in the 3rd.


His face makes me feel somewhat stabby. Maybe he could invest in a tinted helmet visor


I did have someone on Reddit try and tell me he was as athletic as Levis. Odd that he would refuse to test at the combine or his pro day if that was the case. Seems fairly statuesque to me.

Aiden gives me Mike White vibes and I mean that in a good way.

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…& a razor

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Little known fact that Aiden O’Connell is the son of Farva.


Agreed, his game against Michigan he was on fire for 3 quarters from what I remember. Dropping dimes on our dbs.

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He plays similar to Goff but he is not as athletic and has a weaker arm than Goff. He reads through projections and has spurts where he is very accurate. I didn’t realize he was that old. Maybe that’s why he is so advanced at reading defenses. At the combine it looked like he kinda had a dad bod compared to the other QBs

Wow. Nailed it.


Most likely a career backup. No issues using a 6th on him.