Alex Anzalone Listed as Lions Most Overlooked Player

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He’s definitely the most deserving in this title. I feel like his impact did tail off in the later games of the season, but he was playing like a pro bowl linebacker for a good portion of the season.

There were quite a few here that were “okay” with his deal, and a lot more that hated it. He has already outplayed that deal on the field and offers a ton as a leader on this team and great example for the young guys.

Anzalone is a big reason why I stopped doubting Brad/Dan.


we talked about him a lot last season, and at least a dozen times this offseason -his name has been muttered, or we had a thread or two mentioning Alex in them… I didn’t think he was THAT “overlooked”

Wasn’t he playing with a Broken rib? Or was that the season before?

Alex hit his real stride in the NFL around year 5, this is why I’d like to see us resign Barnes. By year 5 I expect him to be a better Alex.

Alex was derailed by major injuries not development. But agree I think Barnes has great potential. Can’t see him sticking around though

You mean when he was playing with broken ribs? Yeah he finished the season in a fukton of pain.


He definitely took a big step forward in 2023.

I think with a better front 4 and back 5 this season the LBs will have an easier time. And hopefully look even better.

Anzalone took a ton of heat back in 2021 when the Lions sucked but he’s been a solid player for us. And just fantastic hair… really great stuff.

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I’m hoping someday the lions media team will put out a documentary on the first 3 years of brad and Dan. Vets like anzalone held the locker room together with all the losing. I feel like it cannot be understated how important that was. Things could have gone south in a hurry with all the young players we had.