Alim McNeil travels to Dallas with team

Good news. But aren’t we 1 player short of a full 53 for Dallas?


Aren’t there only 46 active on gameday?

I believe he still has this week before he can be activated off IR so he couldn’t play even if he was ready.

I think it was changed to 48 active on gameday. Could be wrong though.

In regards to a full roster, each team should have 53. The Lions have 52 at the moment.

Okay ya looks like 48, and i know they should have 53. My point is it doesnt impact the game today and that they will have over 53 as soon as mcneil, cjgj, and houston comeback

Meaning they will have two cuts to make instead of three

Unless whoever they add to the 53 (assuming P.S) is activated as part of the 48.

Which would mean that having 52 right now doesnt impact their ability to field 48 tonight… my point is there isnt some fictional disadvantage


Suh’s meeting them there to sign his contract.

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Put Duce back on the roster and keep him inactive for this game.

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I wondered what the rules were around this.

Suh signed but he’s already been ejected in pregame warmups. He ran into Dak in the tunnel. Sucks to lose Suh before the game but the good news is Dak aint playing.

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