Alim McNeill-PFF Defensive Player of the Week

A deserved honor:


I’m really excited to see if the light truly came on for McNeil or if that was just a one game thing. If he starts playing like that every week this defense is going to get better in an awful hurry.

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Relative to the Buffalo game, I’m a little worried about “big man recovery time.” We shall see.

Recovery from game wear and tear?


He’s young. He’ll be fine. It’s old people like us that need a day of rest to get out of bed. :rofl:


McNeill might be licking his chops for this game:

Buffalo’s left guard Roger Saffold—a 325-pounder himself—is coming off a Pro Bowl season with the Titans, but has fallen short of expectations in his 12th NFL season (PFF grade: 50.0). He will be the one primarily tasked with slowing down McNeill but help from the center is always an option. Unfortunately for Buffalo, their starting center Mitch Morse is dealing with elbow and ankle injuries and has not practiced at all this week. If Morse plays through his injury, he could have problems with McNeill’s power. If Morse can’t play, he’ll likely be replaced by Greg Van Rotten, who currently has a pass-blocking grade of 39.2 from PFF.


We have a shot at winning if our pass rush has their very best game of the season. Along with several lucky breaks and a good day by the offense.


He played great last game. How was the level of comp, I don’t know anything about those interior guys he played last Sunday

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350 pound Alim lands on Josh Allen’s already injured elbow early in the 1st half, Allen leaves the game and never returns. Lions win 4 straight!!!

A man can dream…Alim the Dream!!!

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Lions knock the starting QB out early and win 7-3.

It could happen.

And, it did.

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