All-Decade NFL Mock Draft: The best picks at every slot since 2015

Lions had one player–the best 20th overall pick in the past decade:


Ragnow has been a rock in the middle of the Lions’ offensive line for the past four seasons. That includes elite run-blocking grades in two of the past three seasons and an astounding 29.0% positively graded run play rate when blocking outside zone concepts in 2023.

Garett Bolles has been steady in his career, but he hasn’t had as many highs as Ragnow.

Others considered: T Garett Bolles (2017)

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Decker definitely SNUBBED at 16.

I would argue Penei should be there at 7 over Josh Allen.

Penei may go down as the best OT of the Decade period.

Where josh allen may go down just as a top 10 QB of the decade

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I thought about that too, but figured they went for the glamor position.

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He was an honorable mention:


I went back and forth between Taylor Decker and Humphrey but gave the edge to the Ravens cornerback because he has the higher career wins above replacement figure (0.33 compared to Decker’s 0.17).

We were again one year short of a player from the incredible 2014 class, which featured future Hall of Fame guard Zack Martin at this spot.

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100000% Writers LOVE flashy QBs like allen and jackson. When in reality they arnt all that special

I dont see any other lion making this list soon.
Gibbs and Williams over Micha Parsons? Doubt it.
Micha might be the greats OLB of the decade. Gibbs and Jamo have to have a nfl record year to come close.

Terrion is gonna have to wait a couple years to prove himself to pass DJ moore or Josh Jacobs.

Well that’s totally inaccurate


Allen was the right pick, bigger track record and QB is so damn important but on this trajectory Sewell might very surpass him in time.


Allen is very over rated.
Rankings excluding rookies (starters with 3+ years exp)

16th highest comp%
14th% adjusted (removing spikes throwaways and drops)
18th in Interception % (1st being good)
14th in passer rating
16th in on target throws%
15th in 20+ yard plays%
13th in bad throw% (like 1st being good)
7th in YPC.

Cool he can run and throws a LOT of touchdowns
5th in TD%
3rd in Y/Rush

Thats not special. And look how he folds in the playoffs.

And thats just among ACTIVE qbs.

Again. Looking back at history.
Qbs that played from 2020-2029
Hell be just a top10 qb. Not special.

Sewell will be elite. Best of the decade

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There is not one GM that wouldn’t want Josh Allen. Your a bais fan trying to compare a RT to one of the Top QBs in the league. Sewell may be the best OT in the league but he isn’t a QB. Stats are not your friend.

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It’s definitely style over function.
OL isnt sexy, isnt flashy, doest draw the fans.

But Penei is a 1st team All Pro. I would be willing to bet hell be a 5x 1st team all pro by the time he retires.

Josh allen? 2nd team all pro 1x in 2020. (Covid)
And pro bowl 2x.

Again whats special about him?

I would take
Mahomes, Burrow, Goff, Purdy, Love, Cousins
Over Allen.

Why? They are a better passer, Better at reading defenses, more accurate with the ball. Make bigger plays more often.

Im not saying allen isnt top 10. But hes NOT top 5

Does Allen make big highlights and is super flashy?! You bet! Cool. What does that get you?


Sewell not being listed…

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Really funny stuff there.


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