Alright time to focus on GB and forget KC last week

I think we can take Green Bay , I have said as much in another thread and why I think we just have to not make any bonehead penalties and keep the damn refs out of this.

I think The Packers view us as PRE 2019 Lions where we was sloppy, didn’t have any run game, couldn’t get separation, defense wasn’t all that, and we had a dipshit OC. OR as The Same Old Lions.

I don’t think they care one bit about facing us and underestimate our tenacity AND team strengths. heading into this game. and we should have players -plural- returning that wasn’t even in the KC game. I think we are going to surprise them a bit I think they see Matt Patricia as the same aimless HC he was last year as a first-time-HC , and not the guy that has started to earn the trust and dare I say praise /admiration of Lions’ fans. I’d also say that Matt Stafford is playing with a cocky attitude this season and is better now with Bevell than he ever was.

I doubt that. Something tells me Green Bay is feeling very mortal right about now.
I think they know they have the #4 defense in the division, and Arod their only true star. Only Cousins will keep them from finishing 4th in the division.

I just get a strong vibe that they are not too worried about the ‘Lions’ based off past seasons , I don’t think they view us as much of a threat in general. They might feel that they have deficiencies and I get that and may worry that will cost them a few games, but their fans always think they are annual Super Bowl winners and so very tough to beat, especially at Lambeau.
They put Erin Rogers up on some throne FAR more than Lions fans ever viewed Matt Stafford.

but no I doubt they are sweating us at all.

I love the rush 3 philosophy against Erin. And bc 33 year old Jimmy Graham is nowhere close to Kelce we can commit a spy to Erin all day long.

First order of business: watch the Dallas Cowboys beat the Fudgepackers.


I think we win on MNF. I am not sure if the packers overlook us simply because we are 6-0 over them over the past 3 years and the fact that they can turn on the tv and see what Detroit is doing (ie: beating a philly team that dominated the packers). If Dallas beats Green Bay (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!) I think we will be facing a very focused very determined opponent but I still think we beat them. I think Patricia gameplans and limits Rodgers as much as humanly possible taking away his best weapons and making the other unreliable weapons beat detroit. If Adams doesn’t play (toe) it could be a long night for Green Bay. I absolutely think Stafford is going to show out on National TV and get a signature win.


Actually, 4-0 over the past 2 seasons.

6-4 over the past 10 games (should be 7-3 but for bad coaching in the Hail Mary game).


I think I seen a post about this already?

I had a feeling that was wrong…good catch!