Amani Oruwariye to sign with the New York Giants

Do the Lions play the Giants next year? Just asking for a friend. :slight_smile:

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Damn, loved the draft pick and started pretty good. What the hell happened?

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I will not miss him. Dude was softer than 1 ply toilet paper.


Good for him and hope he can resurrect his career!


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Wonder if he’ll return to form. Hope so, for his sake.

Last remaining Lions defensive Free Agents of interest are Woods and Bobby Price.

Hmm, Oruwariye is taking the Golladay route…
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At first I thought it read “do we have to pay the giants next year?” It would make perfect sense for how he played last year.

Yeah you would think that would learn their lesson… if Brad dont want ya then stay away lol

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With the money from cutting Golloday? :laughing:

I’ll miss him. He’s a Lions record holder. Most Pi’s over a two minute span.

Teams are picking up our cast offs pretty quickly.
That’s a good sign.

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