Amani Owuriyae

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Amani Oruwariye on whether he’d like to sign a long-term deal with the Lions: “Absolutely. I love Detroit, I love being here, I love everything it’s given me. … Ideally, that’s where I want to be at.”


I think we do Amani this summer, Hock next year.


Gotta love quotes like this, speaks to the change in how players view the organization. Need more ambassador/players like this - the momentum is building.


Absolutely, its a far cry from Quinntricia. Hope and expect to see much more of the same from other players


What is his market APY?

6 to 9 million a year or could he command more? Similar deal to Walker maybe?

It will be more than Walker because he is a CB rather than S and he was more highly rated at his position last year (6 interceptions last year). Not to mention salary cap increases almost every year. I am guessing, but I could see him in the 11-13 avg range, maybe a little more. We saw a huge jump in WR and QB salaries this year, would expect the CB position to follow suit.

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I think Walker would be the floor and probably around $10M-$11M, maybe more.

Take my view with a grain of salt, I thought Walker would be $4M-$5M . . . I was wrong.

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Pride of Detroit


Amani on Jeff Okudah doubters: “I think people who try to write people off, they’ve got to just kinda stay in your lane, because to me, I think there’s a reason he went number three overall in the draft. The minute he gets on the field, he can make an immediate impact.”


Let’s hope he’s right and Okudah can stay injury free and be the player so many thought he was. It would be a huge boon to the secondary.


Season 2 Nbc GIF by The Office


When we start winning playoff games, I’m gonna get the Dan Campbell Lions Jersey!
I love this guy more the more I see.


I would love to lock up Amani this year because his price will skyrocket if he has another good year. His value is somewhere between 9-11mil AAV, IMO.

Offer him 4 years 40mil with a nice signing bonus and I bet he takes it. Remember, he was a 5th round pick so he hasn’t made a whole lot in his career. A chance to get 10mil signing bonus gives him a lot of incentive to sign now for a reasonable cost.


I just found one for $70 (and bought it).
Everyplace else wants $129.


…and this is what it looks like when your dudes are lookin’ out for you!

Thanks bro → and CONGRATS on owning the coolest jersey in the Den at the moment. Appreciate you!

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Hey and in the other thread Jamo was gonna wear 89??? I like it…

I love Amani, I hope he sticks around. He was a good pick and has steadily improved. Not flashy but consistent and consistently getting better.

I wondered why Jamo would take #89, but now it makes sense–if that was Jamo’s thinking.

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You said that and I immediately thought, “how cool would that be on stage this fall”.

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I also read it wasn’t true. Why are the Lions always last to they party in announcing rookie numbers. Not that it’s all that important, but for some reason I’m always interested in what the new guys are gonna wear.

for comparison to this year’s free agents…


I think $10 million AAV is looking like a floor… especially if they wait and he plays well again.

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Bought :laughing:
It will go well with my Aiden jersey! I haven’t been this excited about this team in awhile. Hopefully we have changed the culture and are building greatness. Thanks for sharing the site.