Amon Ra St. Brown

We keep forgetting to give this man his due.

112 catches.

1371 yards

12.2 avg.

9 TDs

This dude should always been in the conversation for Lions MVP.

I know we all love him, but damn, it’s like we forget how awesome this kid is.


That podcast will be interesting this week :joy:


Equanimeous was more equanimous last week. Actually gave the Lions some flowers.

But I expect him to say the Lions didn’t lose because of the 2 pt conversion, with that smirk.

Can RA comment on the officials on his podcast without getting fined?

And he did that in 15 games.

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Goff makes his recievers elite

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this will be fun….

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I don’t forget… friggin’ animal

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He just gets it done, doesn’t he? Finally getting some luv nationally. I guess being a 4th rounder takes a while to buy in. Much like Diggs, Adams, AB to name a few. Thing is, ARSB pretty much did it from day one. I think he is up there in most catches fastest, to this point.

Player A first 3 seasons…

193 catches for 3071 yards and 21 TD’s

Player B first 3 seasons…

308 catches for 3444 yards and 20 TD’s

Player A is Megatron…player B is Amon Ra.

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Good point. I personally know people who equate draft position with greatness. One of my buddies kept lobbying for the Lions to go after Kelvin Benjamin. Why? Because he was a first round pick of someone who got fired. Ya know? So eager to go after someone else’s screw up just because he was a first round pick, and he was a lot more excited about the prospect of getting Benjamin than with Kenny Golloday :thinking:. I know he’s not alone in that regard, and I think there’s a significant enough percentage of those fans out there that it cools the recognition.

He cannot

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Bears game he sucked but hes been on fire all year.

I think it was Jourdan Lewis for the Cowboys who roughed up Leaf after one play, and ARSB stepped in to defend him. Lewis gave him one shove, and ARSB didn’t really move. I said to my brother-in-law, “if Lewis takes it any further, that right there will be known as a mistake.”

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