Amon-Ra switching back to #8?

Dalvin Cook was #46 in 2021, he dropped off the top 50 list in 2022 and switched his number the next year.

You’re right about the Netflix popularity… But it’s not like they’re still printing old jerseys knowing there’s a change coming this season.

Which goes back to my point. Are we about to see a bunch of guys changing jersey numbers for us to take advantage of this unique opportunity?

Jamo can afford it, not sure if Branch could… Neither probably have a huge amount of jersey sales. I really have to assume changing numbers during a jersey change would void the buy back cost

for the first time in about a decade I decided it’s time to get a jersey. I wanted to get Branch, but waited just in case there were new uni’s and players picked new numbers. Patience is a virtue. I expect Jamo, and Branch to wear 1, and 14.

Just terrible… :wink:

If Sewell changes his number… well expect chaos and good luck…

Mad Tommy Wiseau GIF by The Room

When I invested in a Dan Orlovsky jersey people called me crazy. Now with a simple nameplate change, I will get the last laugh!!!

Mr. St. Brown, since you’re clearly reading this…

Firstly you’re the greatest receiver of all time (not named Calvin Johnson, but I think you understand why I say that).

Second, I double dog dare you to have a Lions fanclub get together with the Bama boys (Jamo, Gibbs, Branch) in Tuscaloosa. I’m sure they’d love it.

Third, please continue your podcast next season. We all love it.

Thank you, and have a great rest of your day.