Amon-Ra switching back to #8?

He just posted this on his story…

Personally I don’t see any reason to switch away from a number he’s had a ton of success in, but especially since we’re getting new jerseys anyway, I get that it’s really not a big deal.

Also it might take 4 seconds for Branch to take 14 if it becomes available which I would like for him.

You have got to be kidding me. I finally ordered a Lions jersey back in December (St. Brown #14) and the guy decides he wants a different number? I can’t catch a break.


It’s also April Fools day…


He wore 8 at USC

Glad I waited for the new uniforms to get his jersey

Of course I just bought my son a 14 st brown jersey a couple months ago.

Jamo is likely changing to 1 as well. Both of them will look good slicing up defenses in their new numbers.


Well there’s the smoking gun.

St. forced Josh off the team in order to get his jersey number.


For context… Jamie Collins had #8 when Ra was drafted in 2021, he only played 2 games with the team. But, the Lions claimed Reynolds off waivers that year and he took #8… This is the first time it’s been available for him.


Of course my wife takes my oldest shopping yesterday and as usual, against my advice a) wait for new uniforms and b) wait til extension is signed if you get ARSB

And he comes home with 14…

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For a player as popular as Amon-Ra, it will cost him a small fortune to buy up all of his jersey’s to make these move. That being said, does a player get a break on the cost of outstanding jersey’s if the team does a major change like we are about to do? This would also open up Jamo taking #1 and Branch grabbing #14.

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Agree, but with the contract he’s about to get, ARSB can afford it.

Winner winner? I wouldn’t rush out to buy that #8 just yet… Great prank if true!

I do not understand what this is about

As an example, let’s say the NFL(Fanatics) has 10,000 St. Brown jerseys with the number 14 on them in all sizes ready to deliver when someone clicks “buy”. This way, they don’t have to wait a few months to make every individual jersey to order, and they can keep delivery times as low as possible. They make this many jerseys because there is that much demand for that particular player.

Now, if St. Brown wants to switch to 8, not only does the NFL(Fanatics) have to make a bunch of new St. Brown jerseys with 8 on the back, they have a TON of left over 14 jerseys as unpurchased stock. Tens of thousands of dollars lost…all because a player wants to change his jersey number.

The league(Fanatics) said they weren’t having any of that.

So if a player wants to change his jersey number, the player is responsible for purchasing all of the unused stock of jerseys with the old number on them. This is why Dalvin Cook waited an extra year or two to change his jersey number from 33 to 4 in Minnesota.

Now, with the jersey template as a whole changing, I’m not sure if St. Brown is going to be financially responsible here. It might not matter. They’re not going to sell the old jerseys with 8 on them anyway, so why bother making them? And they were going to wait to make a bunch of new St. Brown jerseys when the new jerseys get released, so why not put 8 on the back instead of 14? It’s complicated.


Thanks and makes sense
One of those things you never think about

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At least you didnt buy a signed Cam Sutton jersey(before the season) from Prison Sports Auctions(Pristine Sports Auctions)

It was going to cost Dalvin Cook $1.5M to change his number with the Vikings. The player doesn’t have to pay the fee if he changes teams or if there is some other circumstance involved. I am wondering if a major uniform change by the team constitutes a situation where the player does not have to pay the fee. That would mean we are probably going to see a handful of guys take the opportunity to switch for free.


At least I hope so. Changing a number you had huge success in prior seems like bad juju to me. Houston was lights out in #59 for example. I know that’s superstitious… but hell no I aint changing my number if I’m kicking ass wearing it. :laughing: Imagine Barry Sanders changing his number mid career…

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While he may be popular in Detroit, his jersey sales aren’t national… He isn’t even in the top 50 of jerseys sold last year.

Dalvin Cook’s “fee” to change his number was $1.5M. And don’t forget Sun God’s popularity is about to go up soon: