An idea for fixing the Lions defensive woes against mobile quarterbacks

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Dan said this in his conference. Too many players were free lancing trying to make a play. And yesterday Jackson didn’t even run that much. But the minute they showed RPO our entire defense left their defensive lanes to run after Jackson like kids on a playground running in for lunch

That’s just not discipline


100%. guys not trusting the system & trying to overcompensate

I have contention with the article too, though there is merit to it…

There are layers and levels to the “running QB” vs “great passer who can run”.
I have no issue with trying to make Lamar beat you with his arm…thing is…ANY QB in the NFL will “beat yo with his arm” if given the type of time Lamar had yesterday. There were plays where it felt like he was back there for 10 seconds.

They are 100% correct in prioritizing contain against Lamar. While the article downplays 11 yard run vs 38 yard pass…it’s an 11 yard run EVERY TIME! I get taking your chances with the pass. Thing is…we need pressure from the middle. If we had a Suh in his prime-type, he would be forcing QBs right into the arms of Hutch. That’s how it works. We have no chaos in the middle, and it’s making the entire team’s job easier, especially when OL are allowed to hold Hutchinson without being flagged.

I really think McNeil is better than he is currently getting credit for, but he’s got nobody next to him, so it’s easier to scheme around him and hutch. We get a great DT, or even a B+ one, it changes everything.


Lamar didn’t even run much.

They had guys running wide open all over the field. That is a much bigger concern than stopping mobile qbs


Didn’t need to. Lions defensive scheme saved him a lot of wear and tear.

That was my thought too, why is Risdon writing an article on how to stop something that didn’t happen?

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I think it’s a more sophisticated observation than that.

Running QBs who don’t throw the ball well haven’t proved to be a problem.

Excellent passers who can run the ball are.

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He ran around plenty in and out of the pocket. He just didn’t take off very often.

It’s a shame because I was starting to like Risdon, having listened to him on the Huge Show a few times now…but anyone that says that Ridder is a rushing QB has no idea what he’s talking about. 177 rushing yards in 11 games…like what am I missing here?

Anyways, Lamar gave us fits because he was a mobile QB that was able to buy time with his legs, he wasn’t a running QB in this game. We dared Lamar to beat us with his arm, he did. I do agree that in hindsight we should have made Lamar beat us with his legs and should have pressured him though.

I think it’s as simple as Branch’s snaps being limited due to injury. Joseph in a sophomore slump and JJ and Mosley out. The defensive backfield can’t cover

Especially when the front four can’t get home


Guys were wide open because Lamar was holding it for a long time, drifting around behind the line waiting for something to happen downfield, and as soon as a Lions defender made the mistake of leaving their assignment to go and pressure him he had a simple pass to someone in acres of space.

In the Chiefs game Mahomes was the first one to flinch in those situations, giving up on the pass and scrambling for yardage. Harbaugh obviously watched that tape and felt the best way to go was to not flinch first, and he was right.


Can skin this cat two ways. Get Hutch some help so we don’t leave a hobbled secondary out to dry.

Or get better secondary

Hopefully both


I get that I’m in the minority when I say this, but when Lamar is on that type of a heater nobody is coming within ten points of the Ravens. He was absolutely awesome. Was some of that due to our D? Sure, but his talent is profound.

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I think this is true of all the mobile QBs. When they’re on, they’re almost impossible to stop. You can play perfect defense and still get beat. It’s a real advantage.

Now they’re not always on. Hell Lamar hasn’t been on like that in 3 years. Mahomes is on more often than anyone else, but even he has plenty of clunker games too. Allen is in a mediocre stretch for him.

About the only way to beat one when they’re on a heater is to have one of your own. Think last year’s Super Bowl.

Such a confusing article. Did he even watch the game?


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