And mercifully it is over

What a suckass season it was. Except for the TB game, they finished well, once Patricia was gone. One hopes we get an HC that connects better with his players, hard to be worse I would think. And one also hopes we hire a GM that drafts BPAs rather than guys that shoulda gone a round or two later.


How they won 5 games is more due to Stafford. If they reset next year w/o him, 5 wins will be the ceiling.


Not sure what was harder to watch today though, the absolute dumpster fire that is our D (thanks Quinntricia this is your legacy) or the putrid reffing… the way the roughing the passer flags were flying could’ve sworn we played the Pack ffs…and someone please explain MJ’s overturned TD… the back judge was standing 6’ away directly staring at the play and it still got overturned without conclusive evidence…:face_vomiting::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::nauseated_face:


We’re all good with the outcome of this game. Helped our draft position in a big way.

With that said, I would hope something gets said to the league office about the officiating. If this had been a meaningful game, officiating would have single handedly cost the Lions that win


And now we begin again. It’s over. Thank goodness

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Feel exactly the same. Hopefully we finally make the right hires. Common Spielman.

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I wouldn’t blame the guy if he asked to be traded, or decided to retire. Doubt they would trade him unless he did ask to go elsewhere, he’s the face of the franchise and it’s heart and soul IMHO. You don’t trade a guy like him.

Retirement might be a possibility though. But he loves to play football, so I think he’ll be back. But unfortunately so will many of those guys on our defense, cuz I don’t think the new regime has the picks or the money to bring in that many new players. Maybe some of them will play better in a different defensive scheme.

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That’s a good point. I can’t imagine how pissed off I would be if winning this game meant going to the playoffs. It’s not even fun to think about.


That’s all we can hope for at this point. Like you said, we’ll have limited resources to really address the Defense.

But by the 2022 season, we should be expecting to see a team that is competing for the playoffs. Stafford’s salary drops quite a bit, and the salary cap will undoubtedly jump back up, maybe significantly.

This was one of the most putrid years that I can remember. Last year was bad, but you could write it off because of Stafford not playing. This defense was embarrassingly bad. It can’t get worse. The reset button is finally here.

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No team in the NFL deals with this nonsense consistently. Maybe we will learn 20 years from now that the NFL was trying to move the team out of Detroit?

The Lions need a leader on the defensive side. When the Lions drafted Suh they had an identity. They need that guy, maybe Parsons if he is available?


Maybe Spielman can play next year! haha

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Upgrade, sadly.


I’m sure at this a turtle could do better.


I’d like an answer as well. As much as there’s to legitimately complain about the defense, they had an absolutely spectacular goal line stand where they should have gotten the ball back except for a phantom face mask. I really want an explanation on that one. How does Tracy Walker get a personal foul variety on a 4th down sack when he never touched it?

The Marvin Jones TD that wasn’t made me shake my head as well. The officiating was so awful that awful is offended to be associated with it.

Then there was the horsecollar on Amendola that happened right in front of a ref, no flag.

Blatant push off by Marvin Jones that should have been offensive pass interference. (Just to illustrate that this crew seriously sucked).

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One of those wins was Atlanta handing it to Detroit on a platter with horrible playcalling and accidentally scoring a TD.

The killer for Quinntricia was four-fold, in my opinion.

  • Terrible communication and player interaction by Patricia.
  • Fundamentally flawed defensive schemes by Patricia, that teams essentially laughed at, that never changed.
  • Quinn’s bizarre position choices in the first round, not getting draft-slot value hardly ever.
  • Quinn’s whiffs in the second round.

We need a “conventional, vanilla” GM who understands you get hard-to-fill, costly-if-you-don’t-draft-them players with high first-round picks: QB, Pass-rusher, LOT, etc.

We need a GM who gets contributors and starters from the second round.

We need a coach who has a clue about defensive schemes, and a GM who has a clue about defensive personnel.

Just those few things will go a LONG way toward a turnaround.

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The refs…Yes
I have never seen a “roughing the passer” call on a sack.
And this was on 4th down inside the 2 yard line.

Until the Lions become a good team they won’t get the benefit of these calls.

That’s a crap take, the is either a penalty or not. In this case there was not.