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This is a good read.

Liberals have abandoned “Liberalism” in favor of Socialism.
Back when I was a Democrat, we stood for, and fought for the Constitution. Now, “liberals”, are anti-Constitution, but, take offense when they’re called un-American.


Shit, I missed the memo. Are they still sending those?

Are you still anti military or nah?

Dude, wrong board for that shit

I posted this in Sept of 2019. I did not resurrect this.

I know, BP did


What is funny? I don’t get it.

Pretty broad paint brush, and BS for except a very tiny percentage. Of course, this your core belief…it’s all them, the other. Only those that think like me can save America…LOL.

I responded to this post in September, before the “politics ban”.
We don’t talk politics on this board anymore.
If you want to talk politics, go to this site and have at it.

This thread should probably be locked.


In, before the lock.