Andy Reid and the Chiefs arrogance cost them

Even going for one more play at the end of the 1st half was risky, but a behind-the-line play that took time to develop was being too smart for their own good. Gotta be just a quick pass so you DO get a FG.
Kudos to the Bengals for staying with it. They were getting their nuts kicked in the first half.


I thought I heard it reported that Reid wanted to go for the FG but Mahomes convinced him to let them go for the endzone one more time.

If that’s truly the case it makes their loss even sweeter in my eyes…think Mahomes is insanely talented but kinda sick of him!

That’s 100% on Mahomes for making the decision to throw it there. Reid’s fault was letting Mahomes convince him to run another play.


100% correct. If this was my decision to make I definitely run another play, but that QB must know that it needs to be a quick low risk pass and has to go into the end zone. A quick slant thrown low to the ground or a fade to the corner of the end zone. That or a quick in and out route to the corner low and away is something they run a lot.

Why didn’t they claim OBJ ? Any team

Did the other nfl GMs owners gift the Rams OBJ ?

How can obviously play so how is it no team claims an elite talent allowing him to fall to one of the best teams in the league ?

He was acting like Antonio Brown.

And he cost too much, with a contract that would be difficult to move on from. @DeadStroke detailed it in the OBJ thread.

But he’s not and the Rams seemed to guess right. 31 teams allowed him to get through
And without him

Are Rams in super bowl ?

Still that’s 31 teams that basically let him pass as a valuable football asset and quite possibly the difference in that game as much as Stafford -
Arguably Rams don’t win without OBJ
I bet niners wish they claimed him just to keep him off Rams ( in hindsight )

How much is a championship game worth ? A super bowl appearance ?

It’s remarkable in such a competitive league OBj got to write his own ticket mid season
And gets a shot a ring for controlling his own career

You have to think about your own team first and the Lions weren’t the only ones who passed on that albatross of a contract - nobody wanted him, not after the way things were going in Cleveland. And he was on record wanting to play for a winner, that eliminated like half the league.

Hindsight’s 20/20, but there are far more examples of guys like him not working out than those who do. The Rams and OBJ caught lightning in a bottle. If Woods hadn’t gotten hurt he’d still be #3 and might be grumbling about playing time.


The Browns ultimately decided to release Beckham, restructuring his contract to make him less appealing to teams to claim off waivers, according to Cabot.

Sure enough, Beckham became a free agent and signed with the Rams.

Seems like Rams owners owes Browns owner a Sandwhich

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