Andy Reid Presser

Andy Reid was giving Matt Patricia and the Lions lots of respect in his post game presser yesterday.
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Did also show respect for the refs?

Andy looked/sounded like a coach that felt very fortunate to have escaped Ford Field with a W
When he said “We’ll take it” talking about the W…that was genuine. As was the respect he was laying on the staff

And he mentioned FF as a tough place to play unprompted in his opening statement then a reporter ask about it and it and his response was an awesome tribute to those of us at the game

“They were loud…we all know that…our ears are still ringing”

He went on to say he thought they handled it pretty well but it was definitely there


He’s not going to bite the hands that aided in feeding him a win, however inconsequential their involvement and/or impact may have been.
The reffing debacle is league wide and every year the more they try to fix it, the more it just looks, “fixed”…

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