Announcer said it was Martin w/fumble recovery

…instead of Buggs. I was surprised to find that out just now.


Haha yea heard that too.

Buggs is seriously out of shape. I swear he’s pushing 370 pounds watching him run with that ball…lol

He needs to get on the Alim offseason workout plan.


If Buggs had handed the ball to any of the Lions around him that’s a TD easy. haha.

Good for the big guy though. Loved to see it


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Right but if Buggs had scored a TD imagine the kind of skirt he’d be able to score at his Hookah bar.


Honestly that was one of the worst NFL productions I have ever seen. Started with the first punt where the official marked it out of bounds at the 16. Come back from commercial and they are at the 29. No explanation (I was assuming a personal foul or something). Constantly coming back to commercial as a play was about to start. One time they had a graphic up of some meaningless stat while the play was going on. Cut back in at the end of the play. Like 36 different angles before the snap and only going to the play shot just before snap. I like to see the lineup, the defense coverage, is the QB changing the play, etc… The whole production was just awful. Much easier to take when the Lions play like they did, but that was hot garbage for an NFL game. I did like the halftime people though, better than most.


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Makes me want to vomit

I was yelling at Buggs to hand the ball off to Iffy who was next to him. If i remember right Iffy ran a sub 4.4 40 at the combine.


Iffy was calling for it and said same thing after the game

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Buggs has super short arms, so handing the ball off might not have been an option. :rofl:

A dick that big, and he still can’t see it for the woodshed.:rofl:

Did you guys enjoy the first ever sack for John Pascal?

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I used to grab bear claws 2 at a time… and get them launched in this region here…

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