Announcers and jinxes

I think it was the beginning of the Ravens game that I heard the announcer say that the Lions had a streak of TDs in the Red Zone that led the league. After that statement things have gone downhill fast…

Or maybe we’re not a very talented football team. I could go either way. :joy:

One thing is for certain. The nfl hates the lions. How do we always finish in the bottom half of the league every year and yet keep drawing top 5 most difficult schedules?

So have injuries.

Yup - They view us as, and treat us like, The Washington Generals…just someone for the Globetrotters to beat up on.

Hmmm… I always cheered for the Washington Generals too. Maybe I should tell my therapist about that. It’s seems like there must be a pattern here, but it’s just not coming to me…

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LOL! It would be funny if a talented player decided to get hired by them, then just take over at showtime and blow the GlobeTrotters out.