Anthony Pittman contract details

Minimum salary plus $50K in bonuses and $100K guaranteed. A really low contract. It’s almost as if we decided to move on from Pittman or he wanted to move on from us. I find it hard to believe that we wouldn’t have beaten that offer.


I think they just have a full LB room atm and it would be a 53 man roster thing also. They might want to keep more DB and DL.

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I think it’s DB that they intend to add to. Instead of 9 or 10 DBs, probably 11 or 12.

Agreed. Pittman probably saw five guys ahead of him on the depth chart and a chance to possibly get more playing time with a new coaching staff.


Nobody was signing Pittman to play defense. He’s a special teams ace and that’s all he’ll ever be.

What’s odd is that Birkett or another beat writer reported that Detroit was trying to bring him back. When he signs that kind of deal, the Lions obviously didn’t try very hard at all.

Perhaps he just wanted a change of scenery. Or maybe the Lions weren’t that keen to bring him back. It feels like letting go of some core special teams players might be intentional, as this regime is always striving for improvement I think a big part of their thinking is getting better on special teams, and while that unit didn’t let us down last season various metrics show that there is room for improvement.

Regardless, I’m sure the Lions will sign or draft a LB who will fill those ST snaps. Every year under Holmes and Campbell the roster has carried two primarily ST LBs, it almost annoys me that they’re listed as LBs, although in fairness JRM broke out and got some meaningful snaps on defense last season.

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Maybe the Commanders are. They’ve got one LB, Jamin Davis, listed on their depth chart:

But Ourlad’s has an updated version with Bobby Wagner and Frankie Luvu

The other two guys on the Ourlad’s depth chart have virtually no game experience.


Neither does Pittman lol.

Pittman got some defensive snaps during a 4 game stretch in 2021:

Those other two guys have literally none.

who is that GIF

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