Antoine Green—another late round gem?

One final personnel note for the day: Rookie receiver Antoine Green got time with the first-team offense during pre-practice installation and took at least one snap with the group in team drills. The seventh-round pick was a blocker for a handoff to Gibbs on the play, but he’s a big body with a good catching radius who’s flashed a time or two during all three practices the Lions have had this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him mix in with the ones more in the near future.


Marvin Jones and the new guys duking it out.

Nice problem to have


And, training the rookies from the get go…. As a WR you WILL block

Learning the right mind set from the get go!!


I predicted last week that Jones would be cut.

That would be amazing if the young pups earned it, but it seems highly improbable.

Far more likely that the Kennedys and Greens of the world will do their time on the PS. Nothing wrong with that.

I think there are probably a few teams that will have a WR5 role for a kid like Green, especially by cutdown day when some players will be banged up, shelved altogether or PUPed. I don’t think he makes through waivers, but who knows.

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Baring injury i would say green is likely 6th wr until jameson comes back.if they keep 6 wr on the 52 would be my question.

Best chance would be beating out mims for number 5 because i dont believe that reynolds or raymond will be cut for green and jones jr is likely valued for his mentor role.

Sure it’s possible but I find that highly unlikely unless Jones is in serious decline.

Our WR group is a concern and a veteran like Jones helps to stabilize it.


WR and CB rooms almost always get hit with a soft tissue injury or two early in the season. I would strongly prefer we not skimp on numbers at those spots.

I certainly agree, i am just saying i could see them keeping 5 wr to start the year knowing jamo is back week 7 and you can call guys up from the practice squad. I think gibbs filling a wr role may lead to that roster choice. I would certainly prefer to keep green but that may be more tied to the success holmes had with st brown vs what i actually believe green will become.

I’d feel bad for him, buuuuuuut…

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Should that occur, it would confirm that players are being kept based upon how they’ve performed in practice and their play during the exhibition season, not their pedigree.

Jones has 3 mill in guarantees, don’t see him being cut


yes but to what level does MJ stabilize the WR group? as to the topic? --I think Antoine Green will be just fine.

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Only way is if he’s in serious decline and there’s no reason to keep him on the roster. Clearly the Lions planned for him to be on the final 53.

He’s a journeyman WR who is well known for being a good locker room guy. He brings an established veteran presence that young players can lean on for inspiration.


Exactly! Back around January i posted that i would love for Marvin to come back and be buried on the depth chart here. A solid vet who fits the culture and could contribute in a pinch. I see us carrying 6 wr into the season this year. (Plus Jamo)

St. Brown
Jones jr

Plus Jamo

Assuming mims keeps up the effort and Green keeps impressing i dont see us letting anyone go. I think that is also why Tom Kennedy was released. Brad is giving him a chance to make another team knowing he has a practice squad spot locked up here to fall back on. It would take multiple injuries for him to have a shot at a roster spot here.

I have Mim’s ahead of Jamo. Jamo’s long stride and speed will mean that Jared must be perfect for them to connect (even slower routes are tough as he’s in the air and this makes it hard to adjust). I think Mim’s will be an easier target and the offences is based around an error-free philosophy (unlike a Stafford offence which is go big or go home).

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Video marked at 2:17 for the Montgomery TD run

Is that Antione Green playing fullback? That looks like #80 but I’m not trusting my eyesight.

Could be Daniels #86? Nice block whoever it was (…and the Glasgow block too)

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It was Daniels. At least that’s what my eyes see.

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