Antonio Brown has another incident

Have to wonder if this could lead to a suspension.

He just can’t stay out of the news.

WOW! Never saw this coming… :roll_eyes:


Antonio Brown’s personality has changed from a head injury. And I’m fairly certain it was from the head injury suffered when he was cheap-shotted in the playoff game against Cincinnati.

Once you understand this, all the, “What’s Antonio Brown done now?” stories become kinda sad.


Yeah but he wasn’t reinstated yet so why would he have to report the incident to the NFL?
AB is a giant douche anyways but I’m not sure this is punishable.

So I should change the name of my patented and soon to be released migraine medication to something other than “Burfictadrine”?


I wonder on this too

And then is there liability or concern ? Does the league think this ? Or tomlin ?

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Lol, he threw a bike at a security shack

No liability…AB is douche bag . The hit he sustained in the playoff game is 1 of GOD only knows how many . One hit did it , is speculation that could never be proven … Cumulative hits? A mental illness ?Who knows …
With that said I would much prefer him running routes here over Amendola .

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Which when you are under the microscope regarding violent behavior and the NFL requires you to report all “incidents” which he of course didn’t well…

NFL requires players to report incidents

Brown was not charged in the latest alleged incident. His accuser declined to press charges, citing a fear that Brown “may retaliate against her employees.”

Me: Hey NFL I know AB, and I didn’t press charges, because I WAS AFRAID he may come after my employees…

Enter NFL discipline fo sho. #dumbass #ashamedyouareaChip

I’d say AB has some anger management issues…

Yes and his management skills reeeeally suck lol…

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I hope his story doesn’t evolve like Titus Young’s did.

It’s pretty clear he has a mental health issue. I’m sure a career full of hits from high school, college, and pros has taken a toll of some sort. If he started playing football at 15 like most people, he’s closing in on 20 years of collisions.

I hope he allows someone to help him, and/or there is something that can change his path.


100% so true!



I suspect mental illness, exacerbated by repeated hits and a whole bunch of money.

AB has been a douche even before he went to college, that’s why he was a 5 star recruit that had to go to CMU.

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Yep and why he wasn’t drafted sooner.

He’s been a known head case for a very long time.

Shades of Titus Young

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Yup, very much like Titus, he just can’t seem to control his temper or reign in his pride.

The league should really be stepping in with players who have persistent behavioural issues, its very likely caused by brain trauma and the NFL surely has a duty to check players for brain damage and stop them from playing if its serious.


The people close to him aren’t doing him any favors if they aren’t recommending him to seek some form of help. He quite obviously needs something more positive in his life.