Antonio Brown talk

Just spit-balling here. Saw an article listing some potential common sense trades for AB. One was for the Lions.

Marvin Jones and a 3rd for AB.

Yay or nay?

Put me in the yay category…

Draft D in the first two rounds and depth the rest of the way. I think our O could be potent with AB, KG and Kerryon

Nope, he’s only motivated by money and has said as much… I want no part of that diva. We had the best WR in the NFL and didn’t do squat with him, hard pass.

I think we have a good pair of WR’s. Give me a couple young guys fighting for a roster spot for league minimum to go with them.

I dont think youd need to give up Jones.

That 3rd by itself would likely be enough to swing the trade. In fact, id start the offer even lower if i was trying to make this trade happen.


That’s probably a good thing if the Lions want him. Salary cap and money the Lions got. If he were motivated by playing for a super bowl contender…that the lions don’t got

Great player. $14-15mil/yr. Diva. Issues. No thank you.

They are all playing for $$. AB has some MI ties from CMU and he knows how Stafford managed to get Calvin the ball, worth a 4th IMO. Most likely a 4th will never get it done, but he is on the down side of 30…

Nope! Marv is nearly as good and is a man of character.
It would would be nice to have his talent.
Not the circus!

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No to Marvin. Yes to 3rd we got for Tate.

Thats the interesting part…it would essentially be a Tate and 7.5m a year over Tate’s last deal for AB.

Makes you almost think they can try for Tate again for 3/24 and feel ahead. Tate may not get the 4 or 5 yr deal for 12/yr that wqs probably around his ask before they traded him.

Buffalo. Surprising.

Wouldn’t be suprised to see him hold out.
He wanted a contender. Bills are about 15 years away from that possibility.

Aaaaand turns out the media jumped the gun on this one.
AB to the Bills is apparently now unlikely.
I bet AB and his agent held it up somehow.

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I wondered how happy he would be in Buffalo. Apparently, not very.

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Heyyyyyy…Fuck You, Rooneys!!!

Oakland this time…for a 2019 3rd and 5th rd picks

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Pretty reasonable give by the Raiders. Not bad at all

Oakland this time…for a 2019 3rd and 5th rd picks…
Sounds like Pittsburgh got the deal. Two draft picks for a cancer? Yeah, I’d make that deal, all day!