Any body watching GB vs NO?

might be a good game…

If NO doesn’t get a good pass rush on Rodgers it might be one sided.

Missed this thread. We can merge them.

Curious to see this game as we’ve already played the Packers.

Brees looked old last game.

Will be watching this game for sure.

Let’s go saints.

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Looks like Michael Thomas is trying to come back week 4…

I remember when we got flagged for that, one of our players was shoved out of bounds and didn’t get back in …in time -we got same call.

No thanks

We can still beat these guys. I’d feel more comfortable without him. But Brees sure seems to be hitting a bit of a wall. We really need to tackle well. If so I think we’ve got a good shot.

well we got to do it instead of saying we can…I mean we had all those turn overs tonight and still beat Arizona by a nose…shrug.