Any Savannah Bananas fans?

I’m more of a Party Animals guy myself for a few reasons, but man are these games a total blast.

If you havent heard of them, i highly recommend you watch the games on YouTube.


They are great, hoping to go to a game this summer.

I had never heard of them until yesterday. I think this is a sign that I need to watch them.


Love them in a bigly way. Talk in the Tigers forum here on them but here is one of my more favorite recent Banana Ball things, link is good.

Way more entertaining than my pathetic blue jays to watch.

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Lot less money spent too.

Well one is fixed the other aint. But u can gamble on both… lmao

I’m more of a stand-up philosophy fan myself.

Comicus anyone?

Did you Bullshit today?


Did you TRY to Bullshit today?


Mel Brooks is a National Treasure


I swear to dog I thought this was about a porn star.

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I tried to get tickets this year in Peoria but was not selected. I could have gone in Mesa but had something else going on. My brother saw them last year in Vegas and said they are a hoot to watch. I plan on trying again next year when they are in the Phoenix area.

Some cool rules, one of them is if a fan catches a foul ball the batter is out.

So is the entire league like them? Or just them? I’m like 2 hours from Savannah but I have to admit I have no interest. I’m more intrigued by the massive IMAX they have in Pooler. A little far to drive for a movie though.

Plenty of other things to do in Savannah besides the Bananas.

It’s good to be the king!

mel brooks comedy GIF

First you guys were banging tables… now you’re doing bananas!?

I can pretty easily talk the wife into the 2 hour drive for the beach. For a movie it’s a tougher sell, especially when we don’t like the same types of movies. She really likes the ghost tours. I’m like if you want a horror show watch the Lions for 30 years.

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Tybee Island isn’t bad at all.
Some very good food in Savannah as well.