Any word on

Slay? Sorry if it has been mentioned before.

Haven’t heard anything yet, other than it’s a hammy. My guess is they will throw him in as questionable until he’s ready. Could be a week to week type thing, if it’s just strained and not torn.

Ugh. Bad week to have your number one out. KC is going to eat us up

We need to play the same defense we did against the eagles, take away the TE, rush 3-4 and play coverage. We need to be more efficient on offense to win this game.


I would imagine he’s going to be a game-time decision, hammys don’t go away that fast and you don’t want him re-injuring it. Personally, I want him good to go for GB and Minny, so unless he’s 100% then I’d sit his ass down.


I have not read anything yet on Slay .

A good course of action would be to rest him so he is healthy for the NFC games and Division foes. If he can play though I want him out there only if healthy

Another god course of action would be to land Ramsey in a Lions uniform to offset the loss of Slay in the interim :heart_eyes::grinning::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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3 weeks til GB(1 game), take the time needed!

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One thing about KC, they ain’t the best when it comes to run defense. So, rather that get into a track meet, I think the Lions need to grind it out and keep Mahomes on the sidelines, along with our defense.

I agree completely. In the overall picture the Packers and Vikings are more important games then KC. Other then the common games category the AFC games are not that important. Head to Head and division win percentage are the top 2 tie breakers, which puts them higher then a common game.

Of course there is always a chance that the LIons already have a game plan for the Chiefs and will just need minor adjustments to make it work without Slay in the game.

You’re more than likely not going to stop KC. If he’s not 95%+ I sit him for way more important divisional games.
I then let them move it from 20 to 20. NOTHING allowed over the top for a TD. Once to the redzone you have a plan to keep them there. You’ll likely give up a couple TDs but make them kick fgs. Everyone spends so much energy trying
to stop them, DON’T. spend your energy, game plan, time taking away the long td and Redzone defense. Both Reid and mahomes will get impatient, THAT’S when you get them. And on offense you have to finish drives and no turnovers. Pretty much play perfect and pray

Yep! The offense has to control the clock and score touch downs if we want to win.