Anybody else find that they have zero interest in any media regarding the Lions today?

No Grossi, no McAfee, no Eisen, no ESPN

Pretty much they can all ■■■■ themselves today. I really only care about this board, because none of those assholes were on this ride like we were


Are you begging for them to talk about how Detroit collapsed?

I’d rather they didn’t cover us. We lost. The stories are now about the teams that are still playing.


No clicks given.

That said, I did finally watch the Dan Campbell post-game presser and I have checked PFT to see what coaching changes are brewing.

But as far as commentary on the game, not a click. In fact, I’ve even been muting threads here. LOL


I agree now some just talking to fill there air time but many talking would have problem explaining NFL rules or naming players positions that are not big stars. So I ignore them

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Talking about the game itself, hear what you’re saying.

Talking about the future, different story.


They talked about it. Many absolutely destroyed Dan Campbell for those 4th down calls.

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Cannot do it.

The national media will be back to covering the Cowgirls by the end of February.


Yip, only watched the press conference. Cant see me watch anything for a week. Actually got some work done today.

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Havent watched any. is like watching a school of minnows at the park chase the tosses you make of fish pellets you bought on the shore for a quarter from the clunk clunk glass vending machine.

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I had to put a freeze on. Uneducated people crapping on our team that played beyond playing their hearts out. Over performing at every position whether draft pick or free agent. Dumping on the same aggressive coaching style that got us to this game. Not even relatable emotion to the true fans emotion during the Rams game.

These moments are the players and they are ours. Pundits can go f£>* themselves.


who cares what the media is saying???

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Usually it’s time filler.

Today. Man ■■■■ that shit today

same here. no interest. i know what went wrong. not anxious to re-live it or hear some uninformed opinion on it. We just didn’t execute at key times. Thats all she wrote.

Dude me two I haven’t watched 1 podcast . I was there I KNOW what happened

The “uneducated” part of your post stuck out to me. It is something I have noticed for years but it has never applied to “my team.” What I am talking about is the fact that regular season fans are not the same as postseason “fans.” And the higher the round, the more “uneducated” the fans become. And the more amplified media voices who are just throwing out shallow click bait material become. The increased number of casual fans can’t understand and don’t want to hear detailed analysis. So the people who are successful at this time of year in the NFL are not necessarily the same people who we tune in to see in Week 3 of the season.

I can relate because I am an uneducated fan when it comes to baseball and basketball. I never watch regular season baseball and only start to follow late in the postseason. My brain can’t compute real analysis because I am too far behind. I end up watching “surface level” coverage that real baseball fans would laugh at. In basketball it is similar. Except in basketball I will tune into an occasional regular season game and I watch the entire postseason. I didn’t realize how “surface level” the coverage is that I watch for basketball was until a friend of mine got a head coaching job as a basketball coach. This friend was always a more “talented” football player than basketball player. It always seemed odd to me that he chose to be a low level basketball player over being a potential star football player. But when I see his social media posts and talk to him about basketball, it suddenly makes total sense. He loves and knows the game the way we love football. His basketball team is achieving things they have never dreamed of, because of his coaching and attention to the minor details that make the difference between winning and losing. That made me realize I am the type of fan I hate when it comes to football. I don’t see the game at the level he see’s it. And casual fans don’t see football on the level we see it.


I haven’t. I will but needed a bit to recover. However in a few weeks I’ll be jonesing for content and will go scrape that barrel

Really great post!

I feel like I just got dumped by someone I was madly in love with.

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Look in the mirror and repeat…

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Same, I don’t care to hear how bad we collapsed or how epic the 49er comeback was. They say the right words but the tone is very much “they didn’t really belong”. I really just want to try to forget the 2nd half. We were playing so good that 1st half. Guess they forgot the game has 2 halves.