Anybody else got this vibe?

I have a feeling the Lions are going to put an ass-whipping on Chicago Sunday. Taking out a lot of frustrations from last week.

If that indeed comes to pass, per multiple reports I’ve seen on Twitter, Nagy’s probably gone.


It’s like Nagy wants Fields to fail. But that literally makes no sense. Fields could save his f’n job (possibly lol)

Forgot to address the topic at hand. I have the same feeling man!

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The Lions are not whipping anybody with Goff, as much as I’d like to see it. That Bears D is still pretty good. And we will probably witness a Fields coming out party if anything.

The difference will be turnovers. They start Fields, they lose. Too green. fingers crossed.

This came across my FB feed. From Bears Wire
Jared Goff plays the Bears with an 0-10 record without Sean McVay (

In his first two meetings against the Bears, he didn’t throw a single touchdown pass and turned the football over five times in the air. His passer rating was 33.9 in those two games. If he would have incompleted all 62 passes he threw against Chicago in both games, his passer rating would have been better.

In 2020, Goff turned things around, beating up on the Bears and throwing two passing touchdowns with a 108.1 passer rating.

Hope we see the 2020 version

The defense that for the most part worked on limiting L. Jackson will most certainly work to limit Fields.


The outcome of this game will provide some insight into the mindset of the team. The negative would be - regardless of how well we play something bad will happen at the end & cost us the game. The positive side would be - let’s play well for the entire game & eliminate any uncertain ending. This one game will give the fans an idea of the direction of both team & staff.

I agree. Letting Fields have a breakout game and getting beaten soundly by the Bears would be the most SOL thing ever.

Both sides of the ball getting their poop in a group and giving the Bears a well-deserved shellacking by playing a complete game would be a nice indication that things are coming together.

The likely outcome seems like it will be somewhere in between, but I’m hoping it’s closer to the latter than the former.