Anyone else so board and desperate

That they’ve resorted to watching Madden 24 games on YouTube of our upcoming games? And getting pissed off by some bad play calling? Yeah, me neither.


Im not an avid regular season sports guy for NBA or NHL

Buy the semi finals / Finals are happening.

Great to watch.



I will admit I did watch a Madden simulation yesterday.

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Not that bored.
I have however rewatched
Lions vs Rams playoffs
Lions vs Bucs playoffs

UM vs OSU 2023
UM vs AL
UM vs WA


I know but I’m such a Detroit Homer it’s hard for me to watch other teams. I will with the NFL but only because I have fantasy and some bets going on. Plus the games are awesome in general. Glad you found something to fill your time at least for a bit. Should be one heckuva season.

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Yep, I’ve watched quite a few recaps. Made me realize how excited I am for Joseph and Melifonwu with another year in the league. Those boys can be vicious.

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You can bet on NHL & NBA :slight_smile:

Dallas is hot

Rangers, Stars, Mavs.

For some reason I decided to pick against my Florida Panthers this series.

That was stupid

Its rare for me to watch a regular season NBA game but I always watch the postseason. What’s funny is that I am such a NON-fan of hockey or regular season baseball that whenever there isn’t an NBA playoff game on my brain says “there are no pro sports games on today.” I have resorted to watching some WNBA games.

I used to be able to watch an occasional regular season baseball game but I can’t do it anymore. Maybe half an inning and I’m done.

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I got Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball to sate me for a bit

with EA CFB 25 coming out next month, that should also keep me occupied till season start (It looks so good guys)

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Same. I’d actually prefer to watch a favorite movie of mine for the 100th time.

Or like the cooking channel

Then a regular season game that has 80 or 160 games.

But…playoff baseball can be good too.

Fills the week nicely in October before Sunday!

And I’m back to all in on baseball, nice thing about the package is it gives you access to the all the minor league games as well. Typically have the Tigers on one screen the Lakeland game on the other to watch Clark, McGonigle and Briceno(prior to his injury) and then Toledo Mudhens or Erie(when Jobe is pitching).


I am a big fan of College softball so I have been watching that. And this is the time of year I binge foreign TV shows. Britbox is obviously British shows and they have really interesting detective shows. I also have watched a few Korean detective shows. Because lets face it, once football season hits that is all I watch. In general there are more games to watch than I typically would spend in front of the TV.

I do like the idea of expanding the season in length by weeks. So like why not a 22 week season with 3 byes sprinkled in. No byes the first 2 weeks or the last 3. But lots of time off in between. This would also help with the over seas games and the Thursday Night games. You could easily plan the teams and bye weeks so teams never have to play on a short week except for maybe the Saturday games.


If you haven’t watched one lately, the rule changes have been pretty good. Between the pitch / batter clocks, pitchers needing to face at least three batters, and no shift have really made a difference. Some of the blocking calls are inconsistent, but are reviewable. Waiting for the electronic balls / strike equipment to clean up some of the inconsistencies at the plate. Some games are over in just a couple of hours.


Andy Cohen Wtf GIF by loveconnectionfox


Coaching clinics on YouTube over here.

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The MiLB games have been interesting to watch as they have implimented the Auto strike/ball calls which have made the game faster and more consistent.

On weekend games, Fri-Sun, umpires call balls strikes and the batter can challenge their call which goes to the auto system for the decision. The auto call comes down to the umpire within a few seconds so no delay in the game. Team gets three challenges and keeps them as long as their challenge is upheld.

I like it. Can’t wait. Especially with betting…that shit needs to be cleaned up. No more Angel “Millen” Hernandez’s allowed.

Britbox is great. Acorn too.

I am, uh, watching what I can find of the 2025 NFL draft prospects.

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That’s why you are Head Scout Sir