Anyone else think we need more physicality on offense?

Not really a hot topic, but if you look at our receivers, TE’s, and RB’s, they would all rate pretty low on the beast scale, so to speak.

I do understand that you need a couple of quick, slot type receivers. But there seems to be a fairly successful trend in the NFL of stronger, more physical receivers and TE’s.

The Lions GM seems to prefer thin, striders. KJ and Marvin Jones being prime examples of finesse, strider type players. Not really going to be breaking tackles anytime soon.

I think we could use an AJ Brown or Deebo Samuel type receiver, and a more physical RB that breaks tackles. TE situation is a question mark as well.

I feel like stronger players do well in big games at the end of the season, when you are in a dog fight.


I don’t know if i would consider kenny and tj as guys that don’t or won’t play physically… just my opinion


Allison is a good run blocker at WR, and Davis is 6-4, 215, so he could be used to help there a bit as well. Scarbrough sure looks like he can handle the pounder role in a committee, but I’d like to see the Lions add 3rd and 4th RBs who can somewhat duplicate the roles of Kerryon and Scarbrough (i.e., one runner/pass catcher, one pounder) when needed, as well as play special teams, to upgrade from the likes of Ty Johnson, Tra Carson and Wes Hills. Those could be addressed later in the draft.
I’d expect to see a big guard drafted in the 2nd-4th round area, and wouldn’t be surprised to see Aboushi start with Dahl at guard to start the season. Aboushi has actually been a very capable backup. Ideally, you’d like him left in that role, but he’s quite serviceable if the guys around him can hold their own and he only has to worry about the dude in front of him. The key to that is Vaitai panning out at right tackle, because Dahl seems slotted for LG and Aboushi looks more comfortable at RG.

Kenny has size (I personally wouldn’t want to tackle him), but I don’t think his blocking scares anyone. KJ is a lanky strider in the running back world. Sorry.

Who said anything about kerryon… at least read my post properly before responding… “TJ” which would be hock

TJ got bounced around a lot, and that was just in the few games he managed to play in.

I feel like Golliday is a stud, in this way.

As for OL - yeah…let’s get some bug, nasty dudes that like to get ugly out there. Hoping V has a mean streak. Ragnow seems solid. We can make due with Decker, if we have to, but I don’t trust whoever fills the other spot that V isn’t in. I feel like we need to bring in a new human for that.

And yes, I’d like an ugly RB. I think our TEs will suffice, and we really don’t know who Hoch is, just yet (certainly nowhere near his ceiling).

My dream scenario is a RB room like the Giants had on their SB teams - Jacobs and Bradshaw…wearing people out with some tough running. I like Barkley, if he can stay healthy…dude is awesome. Also like Singletary in Buffalo.

As for what we have, I don’t think it’ll be hard to upgrade

And you have project growth from a rookie who was thrusted into a starting role game one if I recall correctly…

Not too bad for a rookie catching from a guy with a injured back…

I wish I could find something on how he did blocking wise…

I think he will be fine

Really think this has been a transition to big, nasty, physical football. Teams will not want to play this team. Being beaten up wears on the mind. Mistakes begin to happen. That’s where a bigger back like AJ. Dillon might have a role. Look for a nasty guard like Fotu to maybe come in the draft.

Fotu is a DT…

Wrong name. Netane Muti.

I thought maybe you meant Ruiz, who I think is a possibility at 35 along with Cushenberry

Probably why I keep missing Fotu in the drafts, bringing up the OG’s and never seeing Muti till after Bredeson, Hunt, Kindley, Simpson, Jonah Jackson and such. Why I am never picking him until late, I got the Fotu name on my brain.