Anyone remember the Jeff Garcia " Moonball"?

I’ve been trying to find a video of it but haven’t had any luck. Wanting to watch it again and see if it’s as bad as I remember.

It’s as bad as you remember. No reason to relive that …

Jeff G. got a bad rap. His arm strength wasn’t nearly as bad as some claimed. He had the ability to throw 1,2 and 3 trajectory passes. A 3 trajectory pass is a high arc. This was his stable and he wasn’t nearly as good with his 1 trajectory as he was his 3.

Stafford is far better at 1,2 trajectory passes. He can rifle it into just about anywhere. He’s not very good at a 3 trajectory because he has the accuracy and arm strength to rifle it even on the deep balls. So Stafford has never really developed his 3 trajectory.

On deep passes a 3 trajectory is far easier to catch because it allows the WR to track and adjust to the ball.

Here’s an example of Jeff’s 3 trajectory.

Here’s an example of his 1 trajectory which shows he has decent arm strength.

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Notice on the Stallworth pass how he fracked and adjusted to that ball? That’s text book, deep ball.

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Hmmm, I thought Stallworth usually ran people over…but not the case in that video!

Ha, nice :joy:


One thing you have to remember is that many times fans sense of who a player is/was is heavily slanted to what he did on THEIR team. They wouldn’t have a lot of experience watching Jeff with other teams. And Jeff DID have issues throwing the ball in Detroit, coming off of that broken leg. Go back and rewatch some of those games if you have access to them. He was literally skipping balls to guys on some simple medium depth routes that even he was shocked he couldn’t get there.

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Oh I was excited when the Lions got Garcia. I actually knew one of the Lions players at the time and he told me it was never going to work with Joey and it was just a matter of time before Garcia started. And I’m pretty sure Garcia made the pro-bowl a few times with SF and Mooch as I follow the Lions And the NFL. All that being said…that throw was one of the funniest passes I’ve ever seen.

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By the time he got to us his best days were behind him. And … we sucked … lol

However if we wouldn’t have IRed him I believe we wouldn’t have went 0-16.

Didn’t Garcia break his leg in preseason?

I think you got Garcia and Kitna mixed up

Horse collar tackle, yup

As someone else said, you have Kitna and Garcia mixed up. Garcia was here before Kitna and before the 0-16 season. Garcia simply wasn’t himself his year in Detroit, coming off of that broken leg. He needed more time to get ready. He played well for Tampa Bay and Philadelphia after leaving Detroit…and actually made the playoffs with both teams. He even won a playoff game after leaving Detroit as well.

Your point is still valid, Garcia was a lot better than many Lions fans give him credit for.

Garcia and the Millen regime. Both good things to forget.

Yeah who can blame me. I tend to try to forget the Millen years.

Kitna was the most exciting QB we had in over 10 years, at the time.
I’d actually love to see what Kitna could do with this team! You look at what he did with Furrey and Williams, and not much else.
Makes you wonder if Iggy isn’t totally off his rocker.
With this team around him, Stafford has no more excuses. This team is stacked.

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If I remember correctly Kitna threw a bunch of interceptions to.


Just talked to Jon, he says thank you for the kind words and that he feels like he’s in great shape and ready to hop back in there!


I joke about it but I’m serious at the same time. One of Kitna’s “gifts” was that he threw a really catchable ball. Bill Walsh loved guys who threw catchable balls. However, the curse is that it was so catchable that even defensive players could easily catch them!


It does indeed appear that while a Lion, Kitna never threw more touchdowns than interceptions in a season.