Anyone see these D’Andre Swift rumors

Has anyone on here heard or seen the rumors that D’Andre has been arrested. I saw something on Twitter and texted my buddy at the DPD if he heard anything. He told me there’s chatter that a lions player is in trouble but couldn’t confirm it was swift. Anyone heard anything? I’m super nervous

Heard nothing. Usually this would break on Twitter before official news and I’m seeing absolutely nothing.

No, De Andre Fields has earlier this month…Aug 19th…not even an NFL player.

We already had 2 idiots ruin their lives and potential career for boozing, driving and injuring innocent people. Hopefully there is nothing to these rumors.

1st Time Poster? Green Bay IP Address?

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If you want to waste 15 seconds of your time and have Twitter, just search “deandre Swift arrested” and there is a single post from some random person following 10 people and with 1 follower. Or you can just believe I wasted 15 seconds of my life and save your own 15 seconds. It says “sources say deandre Swift has been arrested.” That’s it.

That’s umm, one heck of a rumor from a seriously credible source.