Anyone start a gofundme before?

I want to start a Gofundme for Hank Fraley, Ben Johnson, and other coaches to get raises. The point of this is not to actually raise money. But to get the attention of Michael Disner. Anyone of you have any experience??

Ben needs to be made the highest paid oc.

Hank needs to be made the highest paid non-coordinator in the league.

When i hear rumors from in house that they are salty about this i want to nip it in the bud. Keep them happy men. I don’t want them looking for the doorway out any time soon.


Ben Johnson is salty about money? That’s news to me. He keeps turning down head coaching interviews and seems to love Detroit. I gotta be missing something here. Thought we gave him a nice raise last year too.


I’m philosophically opposed to a GoFundMe for multi-millionaires.


Ben and Hank have not said anything pubicly. But rumors from people in house is they are unlikely to stay again next year largly in part because they werent rewarded for staying. I dont believe Hank got a raise last year. And while Ben got one he isnt the highest paid OC and deserves to be.

Attack me if you want. Other have for me putting this out. All i care about is the team. I just want our staff happy af. You can be loyal and still think you deserve a raise.

I dont want to actually give them any money ourselves. I want to light a fire under Disner’s ass… call him out pubicly for forgetting to take care of those he isnt pressured to. And i doubt Hank is a multi millionaire. And Ben has only been making over a million a year for a single year.

I want to OVERPAY them. Period. End of story.



Thanks. Ill put you on forever ignore too.

I actually care about this team more than i care about your feelings.

Lol. Kids these days. This might be the silliest thing posted. Start a go fund me for a guy that just got 200 million. I believe you can love the team with out this non sense.

Certainly not attacking you. Was an honest question.

So you don’t want anyone to put in money towards this…and a Gofundme with 0 dollars donated is supposed to light a fire under Disner’s ass?!?

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I’m not going to bash you because you have the team’s interests at heart. And at first, I thought it was a great idea. But there might also be unintended consequences:

it may have the opposite efefct on Disner, he might just dig in
I could see Fraley thinking something like - geez, this certainly validates my feelings, now I know its bad if Fans need to resort to this
Doing a gofundme without the intent of funding someone doesn’t seem right. What do you do with the money? Wouldn’t people think this is disingenuous?
there are others but in the interest of time, I won’t elaborate.
There’s got to be a better way to get Disner’s attention.

Why don’t you start a go-fund-me account for the family that just had parents and kids killed by a drunk driver? Seems like a much better cause. If you look around a little bit I think you can find a LOT of more needed uses for a go-fund-me account. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


I know you werent attacking me. But anytime someone puts out insider information on this board they are attacked with reckless abandon. Hell my source rarely will post insider info himself here or anywhere anymore because this board attacks anyone trying to help.

Wasn’t Ben handsomely rewarded last offseason for staying? Are we supposed to break the bank every year he doesn’t go?

This might be true but seems to go against the Brad / Dan MO which seems to take care of their people.


If (when) the Lions have another successful season, they’re probably gone anyway for opportunities elsewhere which will allow them to advance in their careers.