Anyone think maybe this is a Gambling issue

Remember the bad calls only started as the Lions were making a charge to slam the door on the PI, Then it went down hill from there as far as calls went. Just trying to figure out why it was so blatant and you know GB was picked to win.

Emmit Smith had a tweet about this.

Its probably more about ratings. If the NFL can create popular, winning teams then they make more money in the playoffs.

If its a Jaguars/Lions Superbowl the NFL just lost incredible amounts of money. If its GB/KC they will make a ton of money.

Pretty simple.

For quite a long time, now! Seems obvious.

Its rumored that a man put a 185k bet on the money line. Also not the 1st time said better has wagered big money when Blakemens crew is doing a game, supposedly this is the 4th time.

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I don’t care who is in the Superbowl could be Detroit and Cleveland, the NFL will still make money. the Superbowl is in a life of itself, many people who don’t even care about football watch it.

Could a specific ref (like the guy who through those flags on Flowers) have someone making bets for him? I would highly doubt he would use a MNF primetime game to be that game in which he would do this. It would be more likely an under the radar Miami-Jax game or something.

Sports bettors like trends. And maybe it is simple as 75% of the time the home team wins when Blakemens crew is officiating.

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Except for GB, KC, Seattle, and NE all used to be pathetic teams as well. How much money did the NFL lose the first time NE went to the Superbowl?

Fans like to watch good teams and if your team becomes good, fans of the NFL will take notice and start watching and wearing that team.

i think both could be root causes. but the nfl as a group of people rigging games would be an enormous risk and too easy for someone to extort / whistleblow to take a chance. it would be much easier for a single ref to have someone bet on his behalf and affect the outcome of a game to influence the bet imho. maybe a single entity tied to the nfl working alone like an owner ( jerry jones :wink: ) could as well but again that could lead to extortion and would be highly risky.

I was just going to say that even IN season, they can get better ratings out of manipulating results. The GB/KC game on primetime is coming up in a few weeks. It certainly is a bigger draw if both teams have good records vs both teams taking losses to the sorry ass Lions. Meanwhile, the Lions don’t play another primetime game.

I think the league showed its cards in that it wants the storyline of the Packers being good during their 100 year anniversary. The team means a lot to the league. Why I say they showed their cards is because they put the Packers in primetime to open the season at the primo Thursday slot and bumped the Super Bowl champs.

Also want the storyline of Aaron Rodgers versus Patrick Mahomes. They’ve been blowing it up all year. All you Gotta do is listen to them. NFL is so freaking crooked it’s unbelievable. I grew up watching them, it’s almost impossible for me to turn off but I have. I turned them off after that call, I couldn’t watch it I knew it was gonna happen before it ever did.