Anyone watching USFL?

Not sure if this has been posted somewhere else and I missed it… but the USFL! It’s on, and happening! I totally forgot about it, and with recently moving I have barely seen any tv or sat down to flip through channels.

Is anyone watching it? Any good? It’s football!

It’s football, but clearly not as electric as an NFL game or most college games.

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The drop off at QB is obvious worth a look if you’re really jonesin or stoned on a Sunday afternoon.

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I watched part is one game between 2 teams that were 2-0. The QB play on both sides was just awful.

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Right on… yeah when I saw Shea Patterson was the Michigan panthers qb I figured the bar is pretty low… but hopefully it serves as a bit of a developmental/semi-pro league for guys trying to get into the NFL.

Would be nice if finally one of these leagues took off and actually gave the NFL some competition… but I doubt that would ever happen or can’t imagine a scenario where it does

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I look at youtube some games and it’s ok for me.
I’m a little surprised that there is no audience in the stadium, but I guess there is some explanation for that.

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I’ve tried watching, but it’s so bad I have no interest


Us two and the five fans in the stands agree.


I think they are entertaining actually. Not a lot of superstars, but nonetheless, they are entertaining!


I haven’t watched but a few moments of two-three games, I can’t get too interested in it.

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People are too critical, maybe Patterson would be a good backup qb for us.

That’s more fans that I expected, lol

With NHL and NBA playoffs and MLB all happening at the same time in May, talk about a terrible time to start a football league. Even if it was decent football, they would struggle to get any fans.

I put it on Saturdays and Sundays when at work, and put it on Saturdays and Sundays when at home. It’s football.

Someone at work this weekend: “This isn’t the Lions”

Me: “It’s football”

Him: “Well aren’t your just whoring yourself out to football”

Me. “Yes. It’s football.”

I like the Lions chances of winning 6 or 7 games in the USFL!