Anything on Brian Branch?

We all love this team, but particularly THIS TEAM. The greatness for me (and many others) is how close this team is. The players that love playing here, love their teammates, and coaches.

I never see anything on Branch. No interviews, no comments, no quotes, or anything. Other than before, or right after the draft stuff. He’s my fav player on this team so I’d like to get a feel on him.

Sorry, I know this is a random post. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I would appreciate the shares if any of you have them or can point me that direction.


The Office Thats GIF

I do not remember branch involved in any interviews after the Chiefs game that he got his first pick. Other then that he has been quiet with his nose to the grindstone.

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Branch was going to be interviewed one time. But an injured Ceedy Duce in a ski mask stole the microphone and ran away. Branch has never been heard from since.

He lets his play do the talking :laughing:


And I wish we had 50 more just like him. There’s something to be said for letting your playing do the talking and not running your mouth in front of every microphone shoved in your face.


Aside from his interview on Day 2 of the draft (boss move, street clothes, only guy in the building) and his introductory presser, I really don’t recall anyone talking to him much. Might just be a shy dude.

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I saw branch is in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl and took a picture with nfl fan of the year Tom grossi