Are these Atlanta's new uniforms?

Seems like the NFL is copying the NBA City Edition uniforms. I thought the NFL was a trend setter? Seems like they’re doing a lot of copying these days

I dislike 3 of them very much, the white pants/black jersey combo is fine.


White pants black jersey is reminiscent of their 90s jerseys. I agree the rest are kind of garbage. Kind of felt like Tampa needed to go back to their roots as well as I wasn’t impressed with their new uniforms either. As much as we all mocked their creamsicle uniforms I’ll admit they kind of grew on you after awhile…and I miss the NFC Central.


Oh, no way…

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I agree! I miss the bucs creamsicle uniforms. one of my favorites

These are my favorite Lions uniforms

… and his fellow Gen Xers showered him with nostalgic :hearts:s…

never liked them

I agree but the irony in that is that it’s a throwback uniform that already existed lol

I think they needed to change since the new Tampa uniforms kind of look a little like the current Falcons uniforms.

Those Falcons Jerseys make me think of the Arena league.

Sound kinda salty over other peoples opinions.

Anyone else bothered by how big the flag is now days on the Tampa helmet? I dunno… just to big.

Not at all (notice I’m one of the likes on your post). Just an overall commentary on how my fellow Xers have embraced nostalgia in general.

Nope rarely look at who likes things, my mistake then. Just got an “ok boomer” vibe and didn’t understand why lol.

I like the red one the best. The rest are meh.