Arizona Group Tickets

I called the Cardinals group sales, and the following is what they sent me. I am just checking to see if there will be an interest in getting some seats together. Much will depend on when the game is, but who might be interested?

Groups 10+

The Lions game will most likely be Tier A or B, we will know at schedule release. Pricing for those games is as follows:

A-Tier Games:

  • Terrace: $95 - $160 per seat
  • Main: $230 - $250 per seat
  • Club: $400 – $450 per seat

B-Tier Games:

  • Terrace: $65 - $110 per seat
  • Main: $150 - $175 per seat
  • Club: $310 - $340 per seat

No game should be tier A if the Cardinals are involved


When I talked to her it sounded maybe 50/50. I think teams saw how the Lions fans traveled last year and now see extra $$ into their pocket instead of the scalpers.

I’m likely going to that one depending on my schedule. Would be meeting my pops coming over from Palms Springs. If it works out I’d be interested. My dad’s 75 but he’s not particularly cantankerous when football is within view :joy:


@sofatso might be a possibility. He’s in the PS area as well I believe.

As it turns out, I’m in Phoenix this weekend for a gender reveal party. I mentored a Little Brother for many years in the Palm Springs and he lives in Phoenix now. His baby is doing July.

I hate the drive because I hate driving, but I’m looking for excuses to visit them and their first kid. A Lions game would be the perfect add-on for that.


Lions babies have been good luck recently so this seems tactically sound.

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I presume that being a Lions fan was prerequisite for the mentorship.

I have 6 grand kids in the Phoenix area, we are overdue for a visit, depending on the date, the wife and I would love to join the fun!

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I was considering traveling to this game already. Depending on the date obviously.
So count me in as a possibility.

Planning a move to AZ in the next few months so the Cards game is on my radar. My only hope is that the game is scheduled on a day other than Sunday.

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Talk to me!!

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I will be purchasing 10 tickets next week for the Cardinals game. The price will be under $175 all in. The tickets will be lower bowl corner or possibly the ring of honor sideline seats. The tickets might be cheaper but will not be over $175. Once the tickets are purchased, I can electronically transfer them to you once payment is made by Paypal or Zelle. This will be a first come, first served situation. I can also purchase more if the interest is there. Please let me know as soon as possible.

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I have lived in Phoenix for 21 years and habe a job where I work Sundays and it’s a struggle to get time off unless it is requested almost a year in advance. It just so happens that I requested that Sunday off about 6 months ago so I took it as a sign I should go to the game.

This will also be my first NFL game since 2009 where Matthew Stafford is not a quarterback for one of the teams.


If anyone is interested and I have not private messaged you please let me know by Monday. I would like a firm count by Tuesday since I will be buying them Wednesday.

That is a great price point. I had to pay much more, similar seats. Visitors side.