Arnold is already my favorite

@LineBusy, brother. I posted this vid like six replies up lol. Put the bicardi away.

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Arnold was the most stoked I’ve been for a Lions pick maybe ever because, one, he’s the player I wanted that could realistically be in play for the Lions in a trade up (which I figured had to be top 15) and because of the unexpected nature of it. With the Lions at 29, I never expected them to get arguably the best corner in the draft. Also, beyond how good he is a player, he has a very special personality. Lucky to have him.

I would never announce such private info…

Animated GIF

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Okudah matata

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Don’t you dare put that evil on this man :rofl:

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Okudah Matata had us all singing Hasa Diga Eebowai!

Really, really great wiring! Love that we traded up or him. He, Rake & Branch will impact each other & help Kerby too. I’m REALLY excited about Iffy too!

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We went from starting practice squad guys last year to having a lot of young talent in the secondary.

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Don’t discount the talent we added to the offensive line room. Manu is a massive project but mahogany could very well step in and play well at some point this year. I’m also excited to see how sorsdal has grown and developed going into year two.


Don’t forget James “Hound Dog” Hunter.

ryan reynolds deadpool GIF by Deadpool's Fun Sack

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Shouldn’t all corners be a…little cocky?

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Nope …but I wish he hadn’t picked 0 … I’d buy one if he hadn’t.

I think the zero will hurt his jersey sales.

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0 for a CB

I love it

That’s saying something

Week 3

Arnold vs MH jr

Gonna be a great rookie battle

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