Arthur Smith = Frontrunner

Yeah why should we want a well respected coach who is getting play by every opening out there. For your guy that hasn’t had a interveiw with anyone . Funny shit.

Yeah, I know I’m crazy, but actually he has gotten interviews with the Eagles and Chargers and maybe the Falcons if I remember right.

Arthur Smith going to Falcons

I was warming up to the idea of having him here. Oh well. I’ve reached the point where I’m tired of guessing.


I feel like the Lions are doing it the right way. Get the GM in first, and then have him help to find the right guy for HC as that GM/HC relationship is the most important one in the building. I imagine that’s all that Holmes and the hiring committee will be doing today, going through the previous HC interviews and recalibrating the job profile for a closer fit with Holmes.

Its a shame that potential good fits are being snapped up by other teams but that’s the nature of the hiring window.

Todd Bowles it is then.

We are doomed.

That makes sense from the Falcons POV. Maximizing Matt Ryan does seem to be their best shot at respectability.


It’s very important the Lions get the right HC, OC, and DC in place to right the ship. There’s still a lot of good to great candidates out there. Be thorough.

The playoffs are still ongoing!

That would be as bad as Patricia and the worse case scenario by far.

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Would rather him then Boles

Bowles is probably a fairly decent coach when he gets solid QB play. I don’t think it’s a home run but he’s be better than MP.

I still think Marvin Lewis is the shrewd choice. Now that we have a first time GM it might be nice to pair him with someone who shared GM duties with Duke Tobin in Cincinnati. It’s a very logical pairing.

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I think so, too. No word on 2nd interviews, though.

I doubt he can be as bad as MP but I get your point.

If you told me the Lions would hire a GM and HC that no one was suggesting prior to the process I’d have said SOL.

Agree. However, with him being available, you’d think they would have already brought him back in for a second interview…unless he is well know enough where they could stand on interview #1.

It’s also interesting that Arthur Smith is the only one announced as being brought back for a second interview (and almost immediately after the first one). I recognize others simply can’t because they are in the playoffs but it sounds like between Smith, Saleh, Lewis, and Bevell that Smith was choice #1.

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I definitely could see Spielman loving Dan Campbell. And if you like what you’ve seen out of Tennessee then another Vrabel seems enticing. Campbell seems the most Vrabel like out of the candidates.

Arthur Smith, then add Wade Phillips as the DC. Sounds good to me.

Well Shit…I should have checked the news before my last response

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Yeah, I’m guessing it’s like looking into a mirror for him. Which is why I worry that Campbell is getting unwarranted consideration.