As a fan of his opponent, you really start to recognize that Stafford is basically Jason Voorhees

Punch a helmet, still throwing perfect passes downfield (better than he ever did here)

Get stepped on, late hit, head bounced off the floor. No biggie, right back at it.

Dude needs a hockey mask


Loll. Yup

I am amazed at the love for Stafford in this forum today.

The Rams lost because they only scored 23 against an okay defense. A big part of that was this straight up killer going 2 for 7 for 7 yards inside the red zone on 3 possessions that ended in a total of 9 points.

Oh and he also had a chance to win the game after that big hit that knocked him out and came up away with nothing.

The guy is a good qb, but he is also a big part of that loss.

You sound like a Lions fan who didn’t appreciate and understand who Matt Stafford was while he was here. You are literally going down the same rabbit hole where a QB plays at a high level…but instead of asking underperforming players to step up their game…you blame the guy who played well for not performing miracles on top of executing his role on a high level.


well, when he hit his hand and cut it, you could tell it did some damage and wanted to swell up. I’m sure they iced it but it was going to have internal swelling no matter what, only time would let it calm down. you could see some passes sailing after that because he probably couldn’t grip it the way he wanted to.

then his brain turned to pancake batter after the hit. he got up and recovered pretty well but I’d bet he was still a bit foggy.

I honestly hope he retires before he has a very permanent injury.

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