AShawn Robinson from the opponent’s pt of view

#Lions DT A’Shawn Robinson has really flashed on tape as well. Excellent run defender with some rush upside. Very disruptive all-around player. He’s really stout inside for that [#OnePride

DL. He, Flowers, Snacks Harrison, etc are a formidable front.


I’m very interested to see what this group looks like mid-season …


I think the rotation up front helps all these guys. Really looking forward to Hand getting back in there, which ought to help everyone even more.


That poor RT. Wow.


Impressive video. Wait until Daniels has a great stretch…

Years ago I called for a return of the BIG DEs like Neil Smith and Reggie White. OTs have spent years getting smaller and smaller in an effort to combat the speed guys off the edge. Many OTs aren’t built to stop big, powerful guys anymore.

Big DE’s are great but there aren’t many that are swift on their feet, which is why when there is one, they go top 5 typically.

You don’t have to be super quick on your feet when you are big and powerful. You instantly impact the integrity of the pocket when you can blow back the OT. Go look at Robinson vs that Chargers OT. People have it built in their heads that only speed works off the edge. And it looks really good when it gets there, but its not as continuously disruptive to the pocket like power is.

Robinson has tape like this when he’s one on one. You love him when he’s one on one.

Then there’s tape where he’s double-teamed and see him flat on his rear. So, while Fran sees a guy that does more than Snacks in some alignments, it’s the alignments where they’re drawing double-teams that Snacks really shines and Robinson really doesn’t.

You don’t need just speed but you need more than just power too, which is rare to find a DE that has both the size, power, and speed to turn the corner and get-up under an OT and drive him straight back into the QB.

When I first read the title of this thread, I thought it was a joke and it would be a picture taking over a football player who was laying on his back.

Yes, when you have a guy that has the full package…you’ve got a great one on your hands. Most guys are not the full package. However, what I’ve maintained for years is that a power end can impact the game on more plays than a speed end. And the time for power ends is NOW, because the leagues OTs have gotten smaller and more nimble to deal with the speed guys. They aren’t equipped to deal with power ends.

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Ah, you mean its Anthony Zettel time?!?!

You mean a guy that’s doesn’t have exceptional speed or power? Naw, it’s not his time.