AShawn Robinson

Should we go back to the well and double dip?

AShawn is a free agent from the Rams.

Seems like it would be a solid signing if it’s cost efficient.

Other guys I like are Wormley & Jordan Phillips

No. He’s actually 47 years old


Ziggy Ansah is 72 now

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I know. I met his grandson.


Besides, Its AShaun’s naptime.

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I don’t think so. I would rather go get someone young and hungry.

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How is Greg Oden?


We still have 4 weeks to try and resign our guys. The roster should start to fill out some in the next couple of weeks. By who we don’t bring back could give a hint at who we are considering from the free agent pool.

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Zero interest in A’Shawn. Like Glasgow, there were enough parts missing in his game that I wasn’t at all interested in bringing him back.


No No No GIF

He’s 27 years old

I forgot how young he was when we drafted him (2nd rd 2016). He would be great depth who can be decent if needed to start. Id only bring him back if he really wanted to come back (also meaning cheap).

AShawn plays best in a two-gap system. We have went away from that to a four down linemen, one-gap attacking (so to speak) system. I don’t think he would function very well.


I remember when they showed his baby picture and he already looked old.

You would have thought they could have at least given him a shave.


That’s what they say. But c’mon, we know better. Here he is as a “teenager” sitting next to Derrick Henry.


You could tell someone who isn’t really into football that this is a photo of Derrick Henry’s dad visiting him in college, and they’d probably believe it.


As always … depends on the price. He developed into a very good run stuffing DT who complimented A Donald well. He played fantastic in their Super Bowl run. He can occupy 2 offensive linemen which frees up others to make plays. wouldn’t be the worst move to solidify the rotation.
I like Gaines from LA too. both would create opportunities in the draft to go in a different direction based on who is available and when. Biggest question for me is would he buy into the MCDC mold?

Haha he was an easy 30 years old when he was playing at Bama.

Tyree Wilson I’m sure.