Ask Kyle: Will Dan Campbell continue to be the NFL’s most aggressive head coach?

With a hopefully much improved defense, I think we likely go for it less on 4th down. So many times last year we were in shootouts and we really couldn’t afford to punt because the defense was just so bad.


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Its worked (to an extent) up to this point. I say, keep pushing it until its figured out. Wait, are we becoming a team that others emulate?

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Yes, because you never say whoa in a horse race.


Sneaky feeling with the rotation in many realms means that the fourth quarter is ours, every game. Oh yes, it is…

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I hope so! I love me some Danalytics!


That’s because we haven’t had a Kicker since Prater left.

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A lot plays into it… And the shitty kicker definitely plays into Danalytics

Also, we have yet to see the punter keep or MacNeil as a halfback

Trust me, boys, we still have a lot of our sleeve

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Q: My question is who do you see as not a surprise cut candidate, but who do you see as a surprise trade candidate? The Okwara name seems to always come up, but is there anyone else you could see potentially bringing back a late-round pick? Thanks. – Ryan Kommick (via Insider Text)

A: Julian Okwara might fetch something on the trade market because of his measurables, but I just don’t see it. Not enough production, too many injuries. If there is a trade, I think James Houston is far more likely. I’m not saying the Lions have him on the block, but if they did, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Houston racked up eight sacks in seven games as a rookie, but I also question his fit in the defense. Detroit tried to expand his portfolio to SAM linebacker duties this offseason, but he still looks like a situational pass rusher to me, and I just don’t know how that meshes with Aaron Glenn’s vision. The Lions are also really deep at pass rusher, and could part with one of those guys to add depth elsewhere. Don’t know if it happens, but wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it did.

I like Meinke, and agree with many of his takes. However, regarding trading Houston would surprise me.

Just don’t see that happening THIS year. We’ll see though.

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His stock is probably high… maybe higher than it’ll ever be. That said, I think the Lions will keep him.