Asking for a poll to be made for draft

I am not smart with making polls nor do I know our top five most likely draft picks at three

I would love to see a poll for us to participate in asking to pick from the top five most likely to go to us, and have two more options: for trade down and for “other player”

If you pick either of those last two options post who and what traded own

Then we have three days to populate it and see who wins :thinking::+1::crazy_face::heart::upside_down_face:

I think this is more convoluted than you think as it isn’t a pick one kind of poll, it’s more of a Scenario A, and if that doesn’t happen, then Scenario C, both of which may not be likely to Scenario E may be the most realistic.

I can create a poll, but it’s more multiple choice-y that isn’t designed for a decision tree/flow chart kind if response, which is where most people are given the number of open options and players…

Let me look some more

Thank you Wes!

I do find it strange that with all the extra time people have these days we aren’t seeing the usual plethora of posters’ own mocks of what the Lions will do. And the ones that try to predict what the first round will shake out like. I’m not one that does them, but I do enjoy reading others. Hmmm.

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I’ll do a basic mock, mostly who I want/like versus GM pick…but we have seen a number of mocks and that already…

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That’s not Wes, that’s Wease.

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